Wedding Wednesday- All Eyes on the Groom

by - Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Alright, now  that I sort of have myself figured out, The Boy and I have been talking about what he is supposed to wear to the wedding. I looked through the broom stuff I have slowly picked out, and I noticed a trend. Grey suit red tie. Every so often, an orange tie. Even less often, a light grey suit. The Fancy would never ever wear a light suit, but I am pushing for charcoal!

The bottom line with all this stuff is that the groom stuff doesn't give you much variety except for the color tie. I have also really been pushing for a suit rather than a tuxedo. Tuxes seem really really fussy, which isn't really working. I also think he looks so nice in a suit!

Of course, the black suit is probably easier for the bridal party, because everyone has one. If we do grey, it might get really complicated. We'll see.

I am not sure what else I could do to think about this particular topic. I really am pushing for funny socks or something, because I would be so bored with him. Basically, Nick just wants to look sharp.

So I know this isn't the most exciting, but other than this, Nick and I have been talking about actually making purchases. We are buying each other wedding stuff for Christmas so it doesn't count into our budget, so favors and guestbooks and other details like that are starting to make their way into our conversations. Otherwise, we are just prepping to talk to the priest and to our caterers over Christmas break (oooh! I should email our dj too!).

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  1. just found this out - the only difference between suit and tux is the lapel (?) is shiny and there is a shiny stripe down the pants, everything else is the same. (as long as you don't get the jacket with the tails)



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