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by - Thursday, July 09, 2009

Ok, I think this is what I'll do on Thursdays. I swear I am going to get the hang out of this blogging thing, but I am still not sure what use this thing has.

1. Liberty Fest, or the Week of the Fourth of July in Franklin- When I was growing up, I popped popcorn in the park everyday of the week. Now, just going to the concert and the Penny Carnival is so fun. They do a great job every year and even though the Penny Carnival was plenty rainy, we took the baby and he had a great time. this year they even had people dressed as comic book characters. Concerts in the park, to me, are the best part of summers in Franklin. I get to sit and talk with my grandparents and watch most of my family do their thing. Then, to top it all off, we have a big party in my backyard where we eat lots of summery All-American food, watch fireworks, and I see all the people I don't see anymore (which leads me to my next love...)

2. Having surprisingly non-awkward small talk with people- Most of the time, I leave an interaction with another human being shaking my head at what a troll I am. But every so often, now that I have been home a few weeks, I have a glorious exchange with someone that doesn't include "Oh I'm here for two months" or "California is different." I'm always afraid that I come off as loud-mouthed or arrogant, but I think I mostly come off as boring. So, when I actually see someone who I can laugh and joke with, making new memories instead of lamely honoring old ones, it's pretty awesome.

3. Photo Books on Shutterfly- this is old, but the blog is new. Shutterfly has a lot of great options for a photo publishing site, produces great books, and has lots of sales so if you wait for the perfect moment, you can usually get things for cheap. It combines 2 of my all time favorite things: gift giving and photographs.

4. First Blush Photos- Franklin has two well-known photographers- Jim Ellis for posed things and Dr. Karian's beautiful photography of the region, but another company is starting to work in the area and I think their really good. Rachel Reinders, a PW from the area, has teamed up with one of her old photography buddies, a photojournalist in the Midwest, to start their own company. I love that they are working collaboratively across states, that they are co-ed, and that their photography is creative and beautiful. I just met Rachel at a friend's bachelorette party, and she seems very chill and cool. They are just getting started, but they seem to really know what their doing. Also, they have the job I would have if I was more talented and less dorky.

5. P.Y.T.- The Best Michael Jackson song. It's been playing in my head all week.

Hope everyone is having a good week!

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