Meatless Monday Leeks Recipe Round-Up

by - Monday, January 15, 2018

I'll be honest with you- we don't eat a lot of leeks. But this veggie is in lots of grocery stores this time of year, and is there any time more suited for trying something new than January? So these are the leeks recipes I will be trying soon. 

from salt and lavender
This salt and lavender cauliflower and leek soup recipe has bacon as a garnish, but you could do it without it. Looks super creamy and delicious.

from Leelalicious
This veggie and leek soup recipe from Leelalicious also looks delicious and creamy.

from Tasting Table
I'm not a huge eggs girl, but this baked egg, spinach, and leek dish from Tasting Table looks so ridiculously good.
from cooking for keeps
I will probably feature a pasta recipe every time. I married an Italian for a reason! This papparadelle recipe from cooking for keeps features peas and leeks- what could go wrong?

I had an amazing veggie tart on our trip to Scotland, and now I am always looking for cool tart recipes. This one from The Food Charlatan looks beautiful and delicious. This one from The Life Jolie also sounds pretty delicious, and asparagus and leeks must go really well together.

Have you ever made a strudel? Us either, but these from JoCooks look GOOD. And not too hard? Mushroom and leeks would still be nutrient-rich and really delicious.

Ok, so who is trying some vegetarian leeks recipes with me? How is cutting down meat going?

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  1. Leeks are one of those underated veggies!! We make a leek and potato soup that is sooooo amazing!

  2. We don't eat a lot of leeks either, but these recipes look awesome to try out!

  3. I actually don't think I've ever tried a leek, but these recipes look amazing and healthy. Might have to try some of them! Awesome post!

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