60 Green Stocking Stuffers for Adults

by - Sunday, December 03, 2017

homemade stockings and lamp with santa hat

Stockings are treated like a footnote for Christmas, but an awesome stocking can be a highlight of the holiday! Especially if we are cutting down on our gifting, stockings will actually make up a good chunk of our shopping. In our house, everyone gets three gifts and a stocking, including the adults.

Kids gifts can be so fun to shop for, and you can find their stocking stuffer list here.  Often, we adults get the bum end of the deal, because Santa is on to our misbehavior or something, but I think we can turn up the fun (and usefulness!) of the stockings. I mean, we already have all the downsides of adulthood- why can't our stockings be awesome! Even better, we can do this by making gifts or buying Eco-Friendly Used, Recycled, or Made in America gifts! 

We can fall into the idea that we don't have many good options, but we have tons! There is no reason to make a hail mary trip to Walmart, because Walmart is the worst. Change your shopping and change the world. I do it three ways-

1. Buy Less- Like I said, our family only gives three gifts, so the stocking gets more budget than maybe it would in other households. That said, We also use smaller stockings than the average. Just having a smaller space will make things feel full without actually buying so much.

2. Buy Used-
I love secondhand shops for stocking stuffers. You can find kitchen gadgets, little toys, and so much more there. Thinking about secondhand can SAVE you major money. It also keeps waste out of landfills.

3. Buy Local- Stop sending your money far away where your community will never see it again. I came from a town with a couple thousand people, we still have local stores to shop at. Shopping local and locally-made (or American-made if you are in America) takes care of your neighbors, supports more ethical making, AND wastes way fewer fossil fuels getting it to you.

4. Buy Useful- Don't buy something that you know is junk just because it takes up room. If you don't think the person you are shopping for will love it or use it, don't buy it. The average American has 300,000 objects in their home. No one needs more stuff for stuff's sake.

I listed 60 here, so you can pick a handful you like to replace something else you would have put in a stocking. Also, these are up early, because Etsy doesn't come with prime shipping, so things move slowly. You want to order some of this fun stuff soon! 

The Inner Child

crotchet cactus
from Bean Works Crochet
1. Cacti (USA)- Because if you haven't got one of Akron's famous crocheted cacti, you are missing out. Seriously though, these are so cute! Who doesn't want a Christmas cactus?

2. Cards (USA)- These playing cards are made in America, and nothing says holiday cheer like a good game of rummy or solitaire. I love these "Little Feminist" cards even more.

3. Puzzles (GU, USA)- You could get puzzles at basically any level and then put them in the stocking broken up (maybe not great for those 1000 piece puzzles).This is one you can definitely find in consignment stores Springbok Puzzles is one of the oldest puzzle companies in the US! Tavern Puzzles makes the cool metal puzzles you have to jimmy with to get things apart.

stuffed cactus with christmas lights from wild rabbits burrow etsy
from Wild Rabbits Burrow

4. Stuffed Toy (USA)- Oh, you are too mature to want stuffed animals? It must really suck to be you! Maturity be damned, you can buy all sorts of cute little someones to stuff into a stocking. What adult doesn't need this Christmas cactus from Wild Rabbits Burrow in their life? Oh, most of us? Well, you might still find a perfect and adorable gift in this store (they have great pillows too) or another Etsy store like The Huggable Hoots or my new favorite warmpersonality.

temporary tattoos from etsy
from Oanabefort
5. Temporary Tattoos (USA)- This must be on trend, because you can find any style of temporary tattoo. Is it mature to wear these? Absolutely not, so it makes for a fun Christmas day! Who doesn't want a Christmas face tattoo?  One year, I got a henna set for Christmas, and it was super fun until it exploded on my poor cousin Paige's hand. You can do it better than I did. Tattly Temporary Tattoos make some of my favorites like these nautical ones and the vegetables (finally fulfilling my eggplant tattoo dreams). I also love this anemone tattoo from Oanabefort. These hand tattoos look super fun as well.

Treat Yo Loved Ones

6. Backscratcher (USA)- You know you're a grown-up when your back hurts. A back scratcher can stick right in a stocking, and you can even get one shaped like a moose! Merry Christmas indeed!

wall bottle opener
from Juxtapositions SC
7. Bottle Opener (USA)- Simple addition that people sometimes need? I got The Boy a pirate one a year ago, and it has gotten a lot of use (yes, parenthood has led to way more beer drinking in this house, but only because we have had lots of people over). You could buy a set on Teals Prarie and give everybody matching ones. Juxtapositionsc sells every type of bottle opener you would ever want to buy, but I like the wall mounted ones best (because who doesn't want a little cast iron on Christmas?).

For the record, there are always five + bottle openers at our Goodwill when we go browse. Go get one for a dollar.

restrung jewelry bracelets on wrist recycled guitar strings
from Restrung Jewelry
8. Bracelets (R, FT)- My dad usually gives a piece or two of really fun jewelry, and I love these bright and colorful bracelets made from recycled flip flops. You could split the group between stockings too. I got a set of these, and they are actually prettier in person. Super cute and great for the environment! I am currently obsessed with recycled guitar string bracelets, especially these beauties from Restrung Jewelry (you can try Fox Designs JewelryRobin and Leigh, or Recycled Hope as well). Want more recycled options? Try R3SK8 Products, that makes mod jewelry out of old skateboards. You can even get a bike chain bracelet!

steve buscemi earrings from sleepy mountain etsy
from sleepy mountain
9. Fun Jewelry (USA)- It's very important to understand that no stocking jewelry should be fancy or expensive. Fun. Playful. My dad usually puts some jewelry in my stocking every year, and some of it is very cute and some is a little more silly, but (as far as I know), stocking jewelry does not cause an arm and a leg. Lucky for all of us, Etsy sellers are the geniuses of fun jewelry, so you are bound to find something perfectly awesome for your loved ones. Sleepy Mountain sells the best studs I have ever seen, from Obama to Leslie Knope. If Santa is reading this, I would basically love anything from this store (someone loves Parks and Rec as much as I do).

If you want to be classy (booo), you could also get a bracelet with an initial on it or the amazing minimalist earings from Sarah Zentz. You can also buy minimalist jewelry like these earrings from Madera Lane. . You could get bangle bracelets made of recycled champagne bottles- so fancy! Obsessories also sells hilarious stud earrings (you can even get custom ones of your dog) . Do you see there is an endless supply of options here? You can find the perfect piece of kooky jewelry this year.

10. Hair Ties (USA)- Pumpkin Bowtique has lots of choices of hair ties, in any color you can think of. I love these ribbon ones, which are adorable and come in lots of patterns. It's a nice alternative to the elastic ones with the little metal piece.

11. iPad Case (USA)- Maybe a little big for a stocking, but you could potentially roll it around the top to pile things higher, like my dad does with magazines (seems a little symbolic, right? Replacing magazines with an iPad cover?) 8th Day Encore has lots of pretty combinations of fabric, and I would probably pick them for that. Wooden 45 sells covers and pouches out of Michigan. These Mario and Luigi ones make me smile, though I don't know how a crocheted case works long term. If you are a sewer, and you just want to make a good one yourself, you can get the instant download PDF here for 4 dollars.
off chutes colorful luggage tags recycled parachutes
from Off Chutes
12.  Luggage Tags (R, USA)- RSVP Handcrafted makes some of the best leather goods on Etsy, and their luggage tags can be personalized and probably used forever. My favorites are these recycled parachute tags from Off Chutes- I like when they are bright and eye catching, because it helps when you are at Baggage Claim. A good luggage tag can be a lifesaver, and it is just the sort of small detail that can freshen up an older piece of luggage.

13, Nail Polish (USA)- There are lots of great beauty articles out there about eco-friendly and vegan nail polishes. I love Essie polish (in most drug stores and Target), which doesn't have the nasty chemicals and is made in the US, but as far as I know isn't vegan. Ginger and Liz is vegan, and their polish is 12 dollars a pop. Butter and Priti NYC are made in the US 5-free, and they go for 15 dollars a bottle (these aren't cheap, but isn't it better to have 1 healthy nail polish you use all the time than 3 much less responsible ones you use once in a blue moon?). Suncoat and Earthly Delights are both non-toxic/ vegan as well, and they are more at the Essie price.

You could also get someone a cute set of nail stickers (I guess? I do not get nail stickers, and it seems like a lot of waste for nearly no fun), like this set from Southern Country Nails.

14. Phone Covers (EF, C)- It may be mighty challenging to buy a cell phone made in America, but finding a case made in the US is easy as pie (and it can make that phone last so much longer).

 Pela makes phone covers out of  compostable bioplastic (mostly for iphones), which is hard and durable, but also biodegradable. They are a genuinely awesome company, so check them out.

You can find recycled wood phone covers too! Neo makes bamboo cases. I love that so many options exist, because you give this eco-friendly gift that fits the style of the person you are gifting it to! If you are into cutesiness, Happy Kosmos has Kawaii covers like this red panda. This one is insane, and I love it. If the people you love exercise, they might love these arm band cases from speedzster, which are perfect for runs.

I have done some research on the phone cover as well. You can check my favorite stores here.

15. Pocket Mirrors (USA)-  I think these pocket mirrors from Boy Girl Party would make a great stocking stuffer, because it could easily stay in a purse for emergency moments. The Boy got me the dinosaur one last year, and it totally reflects things. And they are only 6 bucks and made in the US! Win! Glorious Weirdo makes all sorts of mirrors, but my favorite might be these Ghostbuster ones. Modern Girl Blitz makes a badass feminist mirror.

doughnut soap
from The Little Soap Store
16. Soap (EF, USA)- I am now fully convinced that everyone should buy their soaps locally. You can find MULTIPLE options to buy soap from in your area, not to mention your country! So why do we keep buying soap wrapped in tons of packaging that has traveled such a long way? You can also find about a million hilarious and fun soap options to put in a stocking. I love these doughnut soaps from The Little Soap Store. How cute is that! Also awesome, this trout on a rope soap from Dope on a Rope Soap (less keen on the marajuana soap, because pot smells awful, but embrace the stinkiness if that's you). These lump of coal soaps are cheeky and fun too. Or, if you are nervous about buying something you like, I would recommend a small set of leftovers/ samples, like Lippincott Soap Co sells. What a good idea, and your loved one could test soaps and find the ones they like best.  Everyone, buy some fun soap for stocking stuffers this year- another EASY and fun switch!

Check your local goods stores! You are going to be amazed what bar soap is available near you!

pact socks stocking stuffer
from Pact
17. Socks (USA, R)- Only fun socks, because just regular socks is just not a treat at all. Solmate Socks makes adorable mismatched socks in bright, fun colors. We bought them for the Bub, and they have stood up to lots of wear. We also love Pact socks, which are fair trade and currently on sale. Woolrich sells made in America socks too!

18. Underwear (FT or USA)- You stop believing in Santa, you get underwear for Christmas. This is adulthood, and it is kind of the worst. On the other hand, you can get super cute and soft underwear from Pact in both men's and women's! Blue Canoe makes some of my favorites too. Commando sells underwear and pasties, so if you are the first person to put pasties in a stocking, I salute you.

19. Make Up Pads (USA, EF)- These reusable make up pads will help cut down the big pile of garbage made by make up usually. Plus, they look like little crocheted frisbees to throw around. Marleysmonsters is an Etsy treasure, and they sell these too.

Kitchen Stuff

20. BBQ Rubs or Spices (USA)- Giving new spice rubs to experiment with might be the perfect gift for a foodie or barbeque lover. Gusto sells cute little 4 packs of hot wing rubs for 9 bucks, among their pretty wide variety of barbeque spice rubs.
little jars of honey
from Kline Honey Bee Farm
21. Honeys and Jams (USA, EF)- My mom brings us jam from her garden sometimes when she visits, and other than one jar, we  have eaten through them all. I feel like this could be the perfect Christmas treat! And you could introduce someone to a new favorite! I love these Kline Honey Bee Farm packs, which has 6 different tasters, so people can find their favorites. Boondock Enterprises sells small jars of a wide variety of jam so they will fit in a stocking.

22. Salt and Pepper (USA)- Ok, we all wish I meant the kind that came with Spinderella, but this is pretty great too. Get some kind of cool salt (we have pink finishing salt) or peppercorns to put in the shakers all year long. Lots of use and fun idea. If you live by a spices store, some cool spices would make a great gift too.

pantone magnets etsy
from Comfortably Lovely
23. Magnets (USA)- You can find TONS of magnets on Etsy, and they make for a fun addition to any stocking. In fact, you can find amazing recycled ones, like these recycled circuit boards from ReComputing or minimalist blocks of wood from geekgroupart.

24. Measuring Cups and Spoons (R, USA)- They don't all fit under the 15 dollar cutoff, but these cups from Preserve and spoons from Architec do. They might come in handy if the ones in your kitchen are worn down past usefulness.

Again, Goodwill friends. Super easy and cheap to get measuring implements at Goodwill.

25. Popcorn (USA)- If you don't go the route of the giant popcorn tins, you could get gourmet (??) popcorn kernels and fun original popcorn toppings from Dell Cove Spices. In general, I think I would be incredulous about something like this, but they have great reviews and it sounds pretty delicious. It would also be a fun bottom level for a stocking if you love someone with no sweet tooth.

26. Sink Brush (USA)- Nothing says a good time like a sink brush. Still, you need them, and this one looks great. You can also get plastic-free ones on The Refill Revolution.

fletcher's mill spatula
from amazon

27. Spatulas (USA)- These Fletcher's Mill Spatulas come in pretty colors. I like having a few in different sizes, so I can scrape out different vessels and so forth. Because no one should make the tragic mistake of wasting cookie batter.

28. Spoons and Turners (EF)- Stuff one of those into a stocking instead of one of those Hershey Kiss tubes? I know ours look a little rough, and you can't cook with those candy tubes.My beloved Epicurean makes awesome spoons and turners- we love them in this house.  Have you checked out Epicurean yet? They are so cool.

These ones, from Architec, are made of bamboo, and they come in pretty colors.   Lipper International sells bamboo sets as well.

amitea oganics tea
from Amitea Organics
29. Teas and Coffees- Ok, I don't drink hot liquids (why do they all taste like dirty water?), so I am not an expert on these, but you can find all kinds of cool tea and coffee sets. They might make a really great treat for Christmas. Amitea Organics sells sets of multiple teas that looks pretty and festive. Apropos Roasters sells similar packs of coffee, and they seem to be pretty beloved. Why? I don't know. People are crazy and love hot water dirt.

30. Whisk (USA)- Last year, Santa brought both the Boy and I whisks in our stockings, because our whisk (a hand me down from my mom) fell apart. Both of those whisks, one from Target's basic line and one by Giada have both fallen apart already. It's not like we cook that much. We just bought junk. Even a stocking can be an opportunity to gift things that are needed with all of the fun stuff. If you also want to throw in a whisk, you have some great options that are made in the US by Best Manufacturers. We have a Best Manufacturers one now, and you can tell it is well made to last (even against our toddler's mixa mixa mixa). Never going back to Giada's crap.

glass reusable straws from hummingbird glass
from Amazon
31. Reusable Straws (EF, USA)- Simple straws like these Hummingbird glass ones can keep so many plastic straws out of landfills. Maybe not for everyone, but if you have a straw-lover in your life, these would be perfect in a bag or office. They have metal ones too if the glass makes you nervous. Super simple, and a genius way to eliminate so much wastefulness! Plus, it comes with its own cleaning brush- so cute!

32. Sponges and Washclothes (EF)- If you have skills, you can make washclothes on your own, if not, eco-friendly reusable sponges and washclothes make a practical gift. If you get cute ones like these from Growing Green Minds, The Green Haven, or marleysmonsters,  it may even make for a not-totally-miserable gift.

33. Cloth Napkins (EF, R, USA)- I love cloth napkins. I see why they came out of vogue, but it really is nothing to throw them in with the laundry. If you happen to shop for someone who cares about the environment or just wants a classy table, cloth napkins from Little Blue NestClear Sky HomeDot and ArmyJAQS Studio, or Oh Little Rabbit would look adorable on a table and in a stocking.

34. Lemon Covers (USA)- Who knew a lemon cover was even a thing? Not sure everyone can use it, but it's worth a try if you (or the chef you are shopping for) are up for a citrus-related adventure.

Let's Get Creative

35. Colored Pencils (R)- Coloring for adults is all the rage, for good reason- it's fun! If you want to color, you can use these recycled colored pencils, which are so cool. They are made of recycled newspaper instead of bringing down more trees.

36. Markers (US, R)- Crayola makes markers here in the US, and you can even send them back to be recycled once they dry out.  Sharpies are still made in the US too!

obvious state little notebook sherlock holmes and coffee
from Obvious State
37. Little Notebooks (USA, R)- Is there anything with more possibility than a fresh new notebook? My beloved Decomposition Books are go to's all year long, made from recycled paper and soy ink in the US. I love them, and they fit perfectly in my bag. If you need something with almost excessive cool, Field Notes has notebook sets as well. Field Notes are so trendy at this point they may be heading to uncool? But they are way better than Moleskine, and they will bend just enough to fit in a stocking.

My new special occasion favorites are from Obvious State, who make modernist notebooks and posters with literary figures and quotes on them. Awesome.  I love these little ones that would make perfect stocking stuffers. This robot one from Happy Dappy Bits looks like a winner.
pretty washi tape
from My Posh Desiigns
38. Washi Tape (USA)- I feel like I would have loved these as a kid, and its another gift you could use to spruce up anything! All the sets at Pretty Tape are adorable. My Posh Designs also does a wide variety of adorable washi tape.

Practicals and Usefuls

39. Candles (EF, USA)- We used to impulse buy candles at Target, but they are filled with nasty chemicals, and they are meant to fill your house with them! Blech. Now, I can see a ton of other options as long as I am willing to poke around. You can make small ones yourself for an awesome gift, or you can buy all kinds of American- made and environmentally-responsible ones! Right now, we are burning a Our Own Candle Company candle (maybe too big for a stocking?) and an Eco candle, and they both smell amazing.

etta arlene candles etsy
from Etta Arlene
I am currently really excited about Etta Arlene candles, which are made in Pittsburgh- yay Western PA! They have lots of hilarious and awesome scents, including Boss Bitch, Unicorn Tears, and Treat Yo Self (and if you buy 2, you get 20% off). Also, one of the listed materials is love. Mark this as one of my new favorite stores!

40. Car Escape Tool (USA)- Ok, maybe practical is the wrong word, but if you are trapped in a car, this keychain sure would be useful. If Leeza Gibbons was Santa Clause, this would be in everyone's stocking. Because holiday cheer means kidnapping preparedness.
baby boy in yoda hat with his dad in the snow

41. Hats and Scarves (USA, R)- We just bought the Bub Gypsy and Lolo mittens, and we loved them so much, we bought him a second pair! They are made of recycled material and they are just so cute. They also sell gloves, hats, and scarves for adults, and though a lot of them are just out of that 15 dollar limit, but check out the sale section! Almost everything from there works. I also really like these slouchy beanies from Lot 415. I also have a whole post on warm, cozy pieces on Etsy, but the options are endless, so poke around.
tassle key chain
from Crave by CRV
42. Key Chain (USA)- Not the most original idea, but you can find some gorgeous and fun options. I love these tassel charms, which are very on trend this year. Perfect if you want to be Hip Santa.

43. Nail Clippers (USA)- My mother-in-law puts nail clippers in everyone's stockings every year. Genius. Because nail clippers go missing all the time. I don't know where her son takes them. But they disappear. So replenishing the supply helps and these ones are made in America.

44. Pencils (R, EF, USA)- Did you know about Sprout Pencils? I didn't! They are pencils you can plant in the ground to grow herbs after you are finished with them! How freaking cool is that!?!? Totally biodegradable and genuinely doing good. I just love this. I love that someone thought of this. What a wonderful world. If you get these, tell me how you like them!

You can also get regular pencils out of recycled newspaper, so absolutely no trees came down for these pencils. I hate pencils, but if someone in your life doesn't, these are an awesome option.

bottle to plastic recycled pens
from amazon
45. Pens (USA, R)- Pens work perfectly, and these pens (made from recycled plastic bottles) are the bomb. I have some, and they really write well (I am super picky about this). A dozen cost 11 dollars. Never buy fresh plastic pens again! That's nonsense! If you want to spice up your new all-recycled pens, try this 3-D printed pen holder!

46. Pocket Monkey (USA)- It works as a multitool and as a cute little monkey! Ok, I may not totally understand why someone would want this, but the tool fits in a wallet, so it would fit in a stocking!

47. Toothbrushes (USA, R, EF)- Ok, this whole Practical subcategory isn't exactly festive, but Christmas might work as a perfect transition from those sad fresh plastic toothbrushes that your loved ones may still use! Boo hiss! Instead, you could get biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes (lots of choices!) or Preserve recycled toothbrushes (we use these and they work exactly the same- no teeth have fallen out). So again, probably don't do an all-toothbrush stocking, but one never hurt anyone! If you want to buy less, buying some practical gifts makes a lot of sense.

48. Tweezers (USA)- The same basic principle as nail clippers- they disappear, and Christmas stockings can help replenish your tweezer supply. Plus, you can find them made in the US!

49. Produce Bags (USA, EF)- I think these little produce bags could be stuffed into a stocking and used all year long (instead of those impossible to open plastic ones. Not the perfect gift for everyone, but maybe your person would love it. These ones are my favorite since they are also made in the US. You can also find nice sets on Etsy, including from one of my favorite stores Oh Little Rabbit.

50. Bottle Beans (USA)- These awesome little sponges are perfect for cleaning out your reusable water bottle (because it can be tough to reach that one spot...). What a cool idea!

Odds and Ends

caramels for karson etsy little boy and sunflowers
from Caramels for Karson

51. Caramels (USA, EF)- These caramels are made by a grandma to raise money for her grandsons with heart defects, so this is candy you can feel good about buying. They also have 849 5 star reviews, so if you don't have a huge soft spot for kids with heart issues, you may just like the caramels. I love this one. What a beautiful world we live in that she does this for them.

52. Hot Sauce or other Sauces (USA)- The Boy got a spice blend set one year which really led to lots of fun experiments. You could get something as simple as hot sauce or look around and find something from nearby. There are some neat American brands online- Stonewall sauces (like this garlic rosemary citrus sauce) or Tom Douglas sauces (like Tamarind Barbeque), but you can always find something near you too.

53. Christmas Ornaments (USA)- It would be kind of a cool tradition to put an ornament in their stocking each year that has to do with their year, then they can hang it on the tree. If you are looking to gift for a lot of people, I like this snowflake set from Nestled Pine Works. I love this little hedgehog one, but you can find so many Made in the USA ornaments on Etsy.

flytrap date ideas deck of cards
from Flytrap
54. Date Ideas (USA)- Flytrap sells fun date ideas and other card sets to put in a significant other's stockings. My favorite are the "Bad Parking Notes" which you can leave on bad parkers' cars. Perfect for the Curmudgeon behind the wheel in your life.

55. Golf Balls (R)- Did you know you can buy recycled golf balls? I didn't! It makes perfect sense though. This makes for the perfect stocking stuffer for somebody!

56. Guitar Strap (R, USA)- These guitar straps are made out of recycled seatbelts. Until this moment, I never thought about how many seatbelts never get a second life as a musical accessory. Truly tragic. Perfect for the guitar player.

57. Lighters (USA)- Smokers always seem to be looking for their lighters. Zippo's are made in the US!
planetwise reusable sandwich bags
from amazon
58. Sandwich Bags (USA, EF)- Planetwise sells reusable sandwich bags that could be used as a pouch, or they can perfectly set someone up for bringing their lunch to work! Sack Savers has cute ones too.

59. Seeds (EF)- It may not be time to plant now, but that day is just around the corner. Plants and trees provide individuals shade, food, and (for some people) peace and simplicity. Those packets are the perfect size to stuff in a stocking, and they have the potential to do something really positive for everyone. You could also do wildflower seed bombs and have adventures speading wildflowers.

60. A Small Donation (EF)- The Boy and I were talking last night about what we wanted for Christmas, and mostly he feels like he has everything he needs. If you are shopping for someone tough like that too, why not put in double the candy and put that gift money toward a donation? Think about donating to something that helps the environment, because this is going to be a rough four years!

And remember friends, LOCAL candy! So much better for your community and so delicious!

Alright, did you make it? I hope you found an idea in all of this you can put to use (I think I am buying 4 or 5 for The Boy's stocking, and a bunch of Seattle Chocolates and calling it a day). If you want to look at the list for kids again, check here.

If you are feeling inspired and want to do even more Green Shopping (Eco-friendly, recycled, used, or Made in the USA), check out the Big List of Shopping Lists!

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  1. This year I decided to make christmas ornaments and get the kids involved in it as well. cut down on waste and using recycled products from around the house. Great post!

  2. Wow, so many great ideas! I loved the luggage tags one, we always have hard-time recognizing our luggage :D

  3. Totally pinning this! I can never figure out what to put in my husbands. Thank you!