Seven Little Resolutions to Save the World in 2017- #1

by - Saturday, January 07, 2017

Today we are wrapping up the resolution ideas for 2017! What are you going to do, big or small, to help the environment this year?

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1. Take it Easy on the Meat.

 Give Cows a Chance.

We all eat too much meat. Studies show that meat consumption has risen over the last century (though it has gone down recently), and eating as much as we do is pretty stinky for our health. Red meat has been linked to obesity, heart disease, and even some cancers (unless you are Ron Swanson).

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Even worse, meat, especially beef and lamb, have absolutely terrible environmental impact. They have extremely high CO2 emissions, use tons of fossil fuels and water, and are big contributors to climate change. Top US nutrition panels are advising we all eat less for the environment and for ourselves. Have a drought? Eat less beef. Driving way more this month? Offset it by eating less beef. See a pattern? We all need to eat less beef.
energy cost of meat production versus vegetables
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Am I telling you to become a vegetarian? Well, you can if you want, but I won't be joining you. We all need to curb our diets, and we can make a huge impact on our environment and our waistlines by cutting back in 2017. Here are some ideas of how-

Meatless Mondays- Have one meal a week with absolutely no meat in it. Think of it as a fun challenge, because there are so many great recipes and ideas out there. I'll be sharing our recipes as we do this. You could do all vegetarian lunches also- whatever works for you, but just make it part of your routine.

Make Beef a Special Occasion, not a Routine- Don't give it up, but do less. If you eat beef 3 meals a week, cut it down to 1. Say you will only eat 5 beef meals a month if you are a hamburger fiend. You can replace beef with ground turkey in lots of recipes and save money.

Cut Down Portion Sizes- Make up the difference with vegetables or beans. You will be healthier, and eazing 2 fewer ounces a portion a year will add up. Do a regular cheeseburger, not a double. You don't have to go cold turkey, just always make the smaller choice.

Know Where Your Beef Comes From- Maybe you are thinking of how beef is important for your local economy. Sure that might be true, but is your beef actually coming from there? When you eat at a fast food restaurant, it has traveled. At many grocery stores, it has traveled. Buy less, buy local, and you can put that money to use where you live and get better quality meat.

Since I don't eat red meat, my goal this year is to go way easier on dairy. I love you milk, but I am cutting way down on you in my life.

You can take shorter showers, drive fewer miles, and turn off your lights when you leave a room. These are all great steps to take. But if you cut out half your servings of red meat a month, you will have more impact and do more good.

If you want to go BIG- Cut out some dairy or buy all of your meats local (that can be EXPENSIVE). Cut out meat completely and try living 2017 as a vegetarian. So many options!

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Start small, but have a goal, and you can save the world.

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