Nine Things I am Grateful For this Week

by - Monday, March 14, 2016

1. Cupcake Royale- Perfect cap to our Friday night date, even if they had to be chocolate-free (oh Lent, when will you end? Why are we so sweets-dependent?). Another really great Seattle company, and it never gets old to explore.

2. Clothing Donation- Have you donated clothes lately? It feels so good to get things out of the closet I never wear, but also to know someone else will use them. Textiles create a huge amount of waste and methane emissions (no better than CO2, maybe worse) so dump those clothes somewhere else!

3. John Legend on Trump on Twitter- This. I find this exchange both clapback hilarious and pretty bizarre. It's hard to imagine any other election where a candidate's family member would get in a petty public fight with a musician. And lose. Just lose so badly. I liked John Legend before (PDA is a staple on so many playlists), but I love him more now. Also, I need to stop following political dramas on Twitter.

4.  Recycling Dropcloths- When your plastic drop cloth is a quarter of its original size, with multiple holes, and a little rough around the edges, it might be time to retire it. Next time, I may splurge on the paper to cover the floors with from Benjamin Moore (always paper over plastic). That being said, don't blame the dropcloth for its owner; I am the problem. I am a really poor dropcloth user, and luckily this floor is easily cleaned. But again, I am not sure I would recommend getting this many uses out of one dropcloth.

5. Ridiculous Team Work- Two Adults, both sick as dogs, One Toddler, A Room full of Wainscotting. No reasons exist that we should have finished this job this weekend, but alas, we did. Because one of us watched the baby, and the other would paint. Did we wear ourselves out? Yes, completely. Still, worth it to know we can still get it done. So empowering!

6. Purdy Paintbrushes- We bought our paint supplies from a Benjamin Moore store rather than Home Depot. It wasn't that much more expensive, but we had way better choices for Made in America tools and we got actual help from someone working in the store! He made sure we did not forget our stir sticks, so he is a saint in my eyes. Best purchase so far? Two American-made Purdy paintbrushes. They were definitely more expensive than the janky ones that we have bought at Home Depot before, but they held up so much better, and with a good clean they look good as new. No bristles fell out at all! It makes me excited to switch out these little purchases, not just the big ones, because I think they are the ones that really add up.

7. Becoming Regulars at a Deloreon Conference- Second year in a row we have run into this crowd of time traveling thugs (then again, when you are dealing with time travel, you never really know how many times you have seen something). They are the same. As they were last year and as each other. Yet I love them so so much, especially the ones with flux capacitors in the backseat. Can't make it to the tulips, but damn we see these cars every year.

8. Getting our Kitchen Back- Today we finally could move our furniture back into the dining room, which means we got our kitchen back! Wow it is harder to live life without a stove or access to rooms in your house. Glad to be on the other end, for sure.  Our house looks less like this now.

Del Kathryn Barton from Artsy
9. Del Kathryn Barton- My favorite genomed artist for the day. Check out her work on Artsy!

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