6 Things for this Week- Thrifting, Tomatoes, and Married at First Sight

by - Thursday, February 04, 2016

1. Buying Face Soap, and Not Seeing a Single Microbead- And I think to myself, what a wonderful world...

2. Cleaning out our Closet- Finally, we have reached the hoarder's nest that is our bedroom. Happy to be donating a bunch of clothes and recovering lots of space in our room. It feels weirdly refreshing.  Maybe I will write a blog about it later this week!

3. When Tomatoes are Tomatoes- On our date night, we got a crab salad, which would have been delicious (crab and avocado is always a good idea), but we took a bite of the tomato in a dim romantic room, and it was a grapefruit! Gross! Really? Sneaky non-romantic grapefruit masquerading. This wrong will never be forgiven!

4. "Bernie would you like to comment on Hilary's emails?" "I don't give a damn" "Hilary, would you like to comment on these minor dramas and scandals in Bernie's campaign?" "No." Thank you democrats for keeping it classy on the debate tonight. If I wanted to watch petty drama, I would watch Married at First Sight.

5. Married at First Sight- I am obsessed. Way embarrassingly so. It appeals to some of my least attractive curiosities- I want to know how any marriage works, because it makes no sense that any of them do. I also get way too attached to the couples who aren't doing well, much like I cheer for losing teams. I want everyone to be happy all the time!

6. Research on Thrifting- This month, I am thinking a LOT about fashion and clothing, so I have been looking for tips to do the best thrift shopping possible. My long term goal is to have a wardrobe 100% Made in the USA or used. It is fun to read articles like these about the items you should always buy used! So smart (wood furniture and pyrex are absolutely true- why do any of us buy wood furniture new?). I am kind of obsessed with their suggestions, and I wish I had bought some of these used when I had the chance!

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