5 Things for This Week

by - Sunday, February 21, 2016

1. This Article on Kesha- Holy shit, this poor woman. To have a rape trial that publicly and then be forced to continue working with your abuser. Not to mention, she is stuck in silence and basically banished to silence while this man intentionally ruins her career (Shame on Sony. Shame on them). In general, the whole thing is wildly frustrating, and this article does a nice job of putting it within a larger context. I have always hated Kesha's songs (perhaps because they sounded like the kinds of things men want women to say, but no woman actually says), but I am totally on the Free Kesha train now. What is the business with guest spots? Could other artists put her in their songs?

2. Used Party Decorations- Rather than buy a Happy Birthday banner, all of The Boy's decorations this year were either secondhand or handmade. The theme was Dinos and Dames, so I bought lots of little dinosaurs and some tea party gear. It didn't add up to all that much, and most of the dishware will go straight back to Goodwill next week. I really think it makes for a fun challenge!

3. Also, Taking a Stand Against Trump- In general, I am trying to steer away from politics on this blog because I wholeheartedly believe that its mission- to treat others and the Earth with concern and respect- is apolitical. I don't care what your politics are; you don't want to drink water poisoned with plastic or run out of fossil fuels or buy goods made by slaves.. Anyway, I am now convinced that speaking up against Trump is also everybody's problem. Everyone's. Because waiting for the storm of ridiculousness to work itself out is a dangerous game.

This is my favorite article on it so far, and it calls for Republicans to be outspoken about this man who is wrecking their party and feeding into the hate and fear of so many people. Don't tell me it's crazy in private. Say it out loud. Work together to pick which other option you want, and dive in for goodness sake.

I don't believe in apathy, and it breeds almost as much evil as selfishness. It's time to be more aggressive about this fool, because his followers are connected in their hatred.

4. Sister Act and Jurassic Park- These two moves are still so good! Why does the CGI in Juarssic Park look way better than in Jurassic World? Why do all CGI creatures look like Gollum now!?!? Snoke, dinosaurs, EVERYTHING. I am really feeling CGI fatigue, but man that T-rex scene in Jurassic Park still holds up. And literally everything in Sister Act stands up. That movie is so good. It got me wanting to talk about the Good Old Days (and how female characters are getting dumber, not better), but I promise to contain myself. Also, does it show how churchy I am that I wanted to hear more updated hymns?

5. etsyfavorites- My new favorite instagram feed! Because I need to see more tutu options at all time. When it comes to cutesy handicrafts, you can't fight variety.

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