3 Things for Yesterday- Pride and Prejudice, Ash Wednesday, and Adulting

by - Thursday, February 11, 2016

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1. Pride and Prejudice, 1995- I was reminded how good the miniseries is by watching the movie from 2005 yesterday. It is so bad! Rushed dialogue with weird long artsy shots of Keira Knightley's swan neck (it's a great neck, but come on).

I am willing to bet that the director has some very deeply negative feelings about women in general, as so many of the plot points are given profoundly sexist twists. Austen's Charlotte Lucas has other priorities than emotions or love. Joe Wrights is "27! And a burden on my parents! Don't judge me Lizzie!" Once would be forgivable, but it's this kind of nonsense over and over again.  I am not sure I could ever forgive a total lack of Firth, but the film doesn't have much to recommend it. And people liked it! This kind of thing always begs the question if we are getting more sexist, not less. Blech.

Also, what the heck is up with the hair in that movie?? It is all horrible. Seriously, the worst bangs ever recorded on film.

2. Ash Wednesday- I am so excited for Lent, I barely complained about no chocolate, even with a big chocolate cake in the fridge. So weird to have it start so early, but Easter is before my birthday this year, so I am psyched about that.

3. Going out like Adults- We left the Bub with the babysitter and actually ate a meal with other adults, no babies. Obviously, we celebrated this moment of maturity with board games. Still, it was super fun, and I like spending time with The Boy's work friends who are genuinely cool and smart people. And they barely talked about Microsoft, so I didn't even spend much time daydreaming.

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