3 Things for Today- Republicans, Co-Op Splurges, and Meatless Monday

by - Monday, February 01, 2016

1. Rooting for the Other Team- I keep having this thought, and I can't think of a way to articulate it without offending family members. I 100% believe this is the time where we should hope for the best for the other political party. I am super liberal, and maybe Donald Trump or one of the other crazies getting the nomination is good for Democrats' chances at winning, but I don't want that. Not in a million years. I am so sick of hearing liberals kind of pulling for Trump, because they so desperately want to believe he represents conservatives, and I really don't think he does. Not even close.

I am way left-leaning, but I still want the decision to be hard. I want the discourse to be productive (not fear-mongering co-opting of my religion). I know this is a long shot, but I just want Republicans to know I am rooting for their party to get it together right now, and I don't really get why anyone would root against the other political party in a primary (from either side). This isn't the NFL, people. Get it together.

2. Impulse Shopping at a Co-Op Grocery Store- You know you have let Seattle earthiness take over when your big splurge is organic pasta salad with peas, peppers, and pesto. So good! Also, not exactly a cookie. But you know what isn't that great from those kind of stores? Cookies (I am lying, Cougar Mountain Cookies, I love you).

3. Meatless Monday- We are trying to get more serious about only eating vegetarian meals on Monday to cut down on our meat consumption (and our grocery bill). We will never be the family that gives up on meat, but it does good on every level to slow that consumption down a bit! Plus, it kind of forces creativity, which can be fun. Today, The Boy made his take on Eggplant Pizza Rounds. First attempt at this recipe? Pretty good! I will try to share good meal ideas as we make them.

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