5 Things for this Weekend

by - Monday, January 18, 2016

1. Sorting the Toys- I drug most of the Bub's toys into one spot (no, not all of them. If I saw something I knew was a keep upstairs, I didn't borrow dragging it down- so about 85-90%). I used to hate getting rid of things, especially things as emotionally-loaded as my baby's toys, but I feel tickled to restore a little space and order to the house. Trying to keep our whole house from looking like that floor did, and honestly, if your kid has so many toys that some never get played with, it's time to share them with a kid who needs them. About a third of this is headed to Goodwill!

2. Being Episcopal- It was a rough week for the church. I am proud to be in a church that shows such love, equality, and respect to others, striving to be like Christ as an organization, not just as individuals. Truly, I feel sad for my church, because I don't think anyone wants to be cut off like that, but I am also very proud to be a part of this church.

3. Watching Lord of the Rings to Yell "We were there!"- Also, Viggo Mortenson's face never gets old. The only man I'd call a dreamboat even with a feathered lob.

4. The Glorious Return of Gnomey- I try not to brag on The Boy too much, but that man is just the bomb. He took our poor wounded gnome and brought him back to life. He even figured how to make a hat top out of hot glue. I seriously could not be more excited about this, because I had written to people to ask if they could fix it for us or how to make new shoes and a hat for him, but in the end, a bunch of super glue and time brought him back.

5. A Whole Day Home in Pajamas- Doesn't that just feel like such a treat to do every so often? Happy to be home and just to stay put for a minute. I mean, when a day of spring cleaning feels like a treat, you know you were homesick.

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