Green Christmas: 50 Eco-Friendly Gifts You can Buy Last Minute!

by - Sunday, December 18, 2016

I have a very distinct memory of going to Walmart on Christmas Eve with my amazing (but also amazingly busy) mother so she could frantically finish up her Christmas shopping in the last hour. I was sure I would be nothing like that, because I thought I couldn't stand the chaos, and you would definitely think I wouldn't fall prey to that kind of procrastination now that ethical and eco-friendly shopping is so important to me, right?

let's go to the mall last minute christmas gifts
Well, ask me how many people I have left to shop for. It is not none. In fact, we still had a panic trip to Target yesterday for our celebration today. So. I get it. Somebody always slips through the list, and you have to figure out what to do about it.

Oh, we are down to the last push, aren't we? We all have a week before Christmas, so it must be time to forget ethical gifting and just fill those gaps, right? Wrong! You and I can still make good choices for a few days before we reach the Christmas Eve Hail Mary trip to Walmart (If you can,just skip Walmart. Nothing good ever happens at Walmart). Prime is still an option for a few days. Stores are still open. Hope continues for a while longer!

So, here is a list of ten things you could still pick up now. It's not too late to do something good with your Christmas shopping!

1. Anything from a Locally-Owned Store Nearby- Before you try anything else, take a shopping trip to your local downtown, consignment shop, antique mall, or candy store. You may not find anything, or you might find something really really cool.

Do you even have a grocery store in your neighborhood with local products? Maybe something a little pricey for everyday shopping? Start there. Any adults on the list are likely to enjoy some bread or cheese or candles or soap that was made nearby. These might be the kind of stores that are not open at all hours, and they may not stay open on Christmas Eve, but if you spend some of that last 50 bucks of panic money locally, you could be helping to save the jobs of your friends and neighbors.

As a side note, if you do find something cool, be sure to brag about it on the Sunshine Guerrilla facebook page! I want to see the gifts you are most excited about giving this year!

2. Gift Certificates/tickets- To be honest, I have mostly hated gift certificates as gifts, but now I see the wisdom in them, and if you get one for a local restaurant or tickets to an upcoming event, that is such a cool way to contribute to someone you love's fun times, instead of their fun stuff. If you are at a loss, this might be the perfect way to go! Check out my list of 10 Gifts that don't take up Any Room Under the Tree- almost all of those would make a great last minute gift.

3. Buy Nothing-  This week, I saw so many people ask for specific gifts or give gifts that might be Christmas-worthy on this site. I gave away some baby stuff so new aunts could re-gift to their new niece and nephews. I have been so moved to see people help others celebrate Christmas in their homes and stock their house with gifts when otherwise there may not have been any. It's hard to fight with free, and that thing lingering on your list might already be collecting dust in someone else's closet. In a pinch, asking your neighbors for help produces surprising and moving results!

Not in a Buy Nothing Group yet? Craziness! Check out their webpage to see if there is one near you (checked before? Maybe check again, because new ones are constantly starting). If there isn't, I have a resolution for you for the New Year...

And then there's Prime...

Alright, let's be honest here, Amazon is basically the Walmart of the internet, but it's hard to fight with 2 day shipping, so everything from here on will be on Prime. Because you are out of time and you can do this super quickly after all of your Christmas outings are over tonight. If you do have more time, most of these are probably for sale at stores near you, so keep an eye out.

 No explanations here, just ideas and links. You can do this!

4. Bath Poofs
5. Bird Feeder
7. Colored Pencils
8. Coloring Book
9. Crayons
10. Cups
11. Epicurean Cutting Boards
12. Fake Jenga
13. Food Pouches
14. Preserve Food Storage
15. Garbage Bags
16. Golf Balls
17, Green Toys
18. Recycled Glasses
19. Head Phones
20, Honey
21. Lighters
22. Crayola Markers
23, Decomposition Book Notebooks
24, Seventh Generation Paper Towels
25, Bottle to Pen Pens
26, Pencils
27, Phone Case
28, Post it Notes
29, Produce Bags
30. Scented Candles
31, Scissors
32, Reusable Shopping Bag
33, Snack Container
34, Soap
35, Spoons
36, Stickers
37, Storage Basket
38. Swaddle Blankets
39. Tablet Case
40. Teething Rings
41. Toothbrushes (or these)
42, Tote Bag
43, Travel Bottles
44. Alchemy Goods Travel Kit
45, Travel Mugs
46, Wallets
47, Liberty Bottleworks Water Bottles
48. Lifefactory Water Bottles
49. Whisk
50. Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop

With all of these options (just the very tip of the iceberg), hopefully you don't have to feel like you are settling for unethical gifts for those last minute purchases! You can find something better that the giftee can actually use and appreciate.And poke around and you will find tons more. If you are looking for more shopping inspiration, check my Big List of Shopping Lists!

Only a few days left until Christmas! I hope everyone is getting their gifting done so they can focus on the spirit and meaning of the holiday this week!

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