9 Things for our Weekend with Tutu

by - Monday, August 10, 2015

My mom came to visit this weekend, which basically saved us from utter exhaustion and despair and so forth. It turns out, months of sleep deprivation doesn't make you better at adulting. Also, all adulting is the worst. So she came in like the sweet badass angel she is to save us from ourselves.

1. These Two- They are so cute together. It makes me so happy that every time they are together, they can have way more fun than the time before. Hopefully makes it worth the trip for her, but it certainly is wonderful for me to see!

2. Sleep- It's the best. You don't realize how much you miss it, until you get it back for three glorious days. I even got to take a nap with the baby, though of course I will regret it for work reasons.

3. Green Lake's Kiddie Pool- Last year at this time, when I was getting much rounder, on my walks to meet The Boy, I would daydream about taking our little Bumbo Baby parasite Scat Cat here this summer. It took longer than I expected to make it happen, but the reality turned out just adorable. Cute kids everywhere, even if the bottom feels pretty rough.

4. Checking Things Off the List- My mother is a saint, because not only does she come help us get some rest, she will roll up her sleeves and help my husband knock some things off his to do list. For The Boy, that's about as stress-relieving as it gets. On top of that, I feel proud that we still keep the homeowner train rolling even through this baby chaos.

5. Rain- It's actually started to rain now and then again, which is amazing for so many reasons, including it feels less like the end of the world.

6. Leather shoes- We went on an early anniversary date while we had someone nearby to watch the Bub. We tried to go with the leather theme (which I will write about more this week) by going to a steak house and wearing what leather we have (not much). I should have bought those leather pants (I kid, this is not my strongest anniversary since I am not so much with the eating or wearing of cows).

7. Lobster Mashed Potatoes- Why isn't there a lobster anniversary? We went to Daniel's Broiler at South Lake Union so The Boy could eat fancy dead cow. I had halibut, but these were the highlight, for sure. Also, at what point do people stop feeling like impostors when they go to fancy restaurants? Does that ever happen for people? Our server and food were awesome, and they never kicked us out like I expected they would.

8. Carson and Mrs. Hughes- As is traditional, we celebrated our collective efforts at watching the Bub by binge-watching Downton Abbey. You know what I hate? When I was just exonerated for a murder and now my wife is suspected for a different murder. Such a hassle, right? The Bates may be the worst (or at least Angels of Accidental Deaths), and Rose maybe should let go of her love of annoying surprises, but Carson and Mrs. Hughes are the cutest. Plus we got totally sucked in, so even if it is a soap, it's an effective one.

9. A New Stroller! My mom also bought us the stroller I wanted because she thinks the constant baby carrying is a long term problem for our back and necks. Also, because she is super sweet to us. So huzzah! Look at that fancy business! I feel conflicted about it, because I picked it because it was made in the US, but the box says Made in China. I am trying to do my research, but if  I can find a more ethical replacement, I may make the switch.

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