5 Things I am Grateful for this Weekend-

by - Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ok, I think the goal now is to do this once for the week and once for the weekend. Who knows. Loyal readers already are well aware this thing is a moving target right now.

1. Rain- We finally had a solidly rainy day in Seattle on Friday, which filled my heart with joy. I have missed cool rainy days, and we got two thirds of the way to August's average rainfall in one day, which felt weirdly good in the same week they started suggesting people cut back their water usage 10%. It feels like every is prepping for El Nino precipitation or cold, but it supposedly dries things out here, so we are looking at a rough season, so the rain is welcome.

2. Bougie Environmentalism- This has become the ideas dominating my mind lately. When I grew up, we had so many plastic bags. A whole drawer of them. And even at home in Pennsylvania, people still keep tons and get them every week at the grocery store. To my son, that will be so weird. I think to most of our kids, that will be so weird. I can make a lot of changes in our house, give up electricity, only wear clothes handwoven out of hemp, finally develop a taste for granola, but I can probably make an equal, if not more, profound difference by convincing everyone who reads this blog to use post-consumer recycled face tissue instead of the regular kleenex they buy at the store. Why? Because if you buy it in bulk you can get it for the same or cheaper. Also, because how many trees are you cool with being cut down purely for the sake of your boogers? I really do believe we can all do miraculous things with just itsy bitsy changes, and it is a lovely thing to focus on.

3. Bulk Taco Seasoning- So, in keeping with my new attempts to green our house, we went to Costco to buy things we need buy use significantly less plastic packaging. Also, to make my mother so so so so very happy. A lot of it still feels way out of our league of maturity, but we were pumped to find a giant container of McCormick Taco Seasoning blend, because we still buy the individual packs, which is basically crazy pants. No more individually portioned packs! Woot woot!Costco, you won me over with one brilliant move- not to mention, they stock a lot of Made in America stuff (but not much recycled housepapers).

4. Raspberry Daiquiri's- We got a new blender for baby food, and immediately put it to use making booze. Priorities. Just in case you were worried we were making adult and responsible choices.

5. Walrus and the Carpenter, Oysters, and Old Friends- One of my Writing Center friends was in town on a big trip with her boyfriend, and it was crazy nice to just catch up with them, eat some salty delicious boogers of the sea (yes! 2 booger jokes in one post. things are looking up), enjoy the tiny hipsterness of a very cool restaurant (high tables, open kitchen, big beautiful and butch chandelier (so Seattle), and just hear about their big adventure. We spent way too much on food, but every oyster tasted amazing (I even liked the really briny ones), so it felt weirdly worth it. Plus, we stopped at McDonald's for french fries on the way home. In the words of the t-shirt, Life is good.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! B

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