3 Things I'm Grateful for Today- QFC, Francis, and Ben Visits

by - Monday, July 20, 2015

1. QFC- This grocery store and its really extensive collection of local products (plus my favorite ever mini lemon cupcakes) is winning me over from my long commitment to Safeway. But honestly, our Safeway is kind of janky, and if I can, I would like to get to the point where at least all of our basics (bread, milk, eggs, produce) are from the Pacific Northwest. Trying to minimize how far our food has to travel. I did try to make milk out of a glass bottle happen, but it was not good milk. Still! Eventually we will be awesome local shoppers for more than just Farmers' Market fare.

2. Pope Francis Coming to Congress- If nothing else, I think it is useful for us all to remember that the Conservative Christian Politicians are serving their own politics first. It's a weird day when the elderly leader of a pretty conservative strain of Christianity is making our politicians uncomfortable by saying maybe we should take care of our environment rather than preserving overconsumption, waste, and corporate greed. I am not saying anyone is a bad person, but the ideological inconsistencies are worth reflecting on when things start getting awkward.

3. Visitors Coming! Does anything make me happier than visiting family or having family visiting? I have felt bummed these last few days because we missed a friend's wedding (sick kid + crazy bees + exhausted parents = an actual pause in travel ambition), so I couldn't feel more pleased to have my cousin Ben coming to stay with us for a week. He is sporty, so goodness knows what we will do with him, but I feel confident we can come up with something. If I had my way, we would be visiting or visited all the time.

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