3 Things I Have Learned about Having a Sick Baby

by - Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Bub has been sick before (actually, pretty recently), but the last 3 days we have been grappling with a viral thing that has really knocked us on our butts (maybe because 2 weeks ago we were fighting a wasp nest?). Still, the bright side hasn't hidden well enough, because there are still things to be grateful for.

 1. Sick Babies make for Poor Hosts- The Bub got sick the last 24-36 hours of my cousin Ben's visit, and I don't think it made for a super great time. It made for a strange lesson for me, where I really did have to slow down and let my guests entertain themselves. Luckily, Ben is especially amiable and self-entertaining, but it is the first time I can remember having to send a visitor off because I just had to focus elsewhere. It was weird. But, I think it was fine? Honestly, if Ben had a horrible time we will never know, so I can believe it was alright.

Side note- The Bub is so awesome that even while sick, he was and is mostly friendly and cute. Just cuddlier/chiller than usual. It's like having our 3 or 4 month old back, because he doesn't move much, but he loves to see you.

 2. Badass Husbands- I try not to brag on the Boy too much, but days like these are reminders of why it's good to marry someone who brings the awesomeness in the face of life being a bummer. He worked from home the past two days, because I think he genuinely couldn't part with a sick bub, and thank goodness, because I am dreading administering those drugs by myself.

 3. Fruit Baskets- We got our first edible arrangement as a show of support today from Pagmanda, and it makes the whole day feel classier, even if I have been puked on twice. Also, pineapple dipped in chocolate? Delicious! Who knew!?!?

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