Ten Things I am Grateful for this Week

by - Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Alright folks, trying this for a week and seeing where we land. Someday, I will have it together again. 

1. Lollacups- You can see these awesome sippy cups here. We aren't there yet, but I do love these cute little cups that are made in America! A good place to make a better (and still pretty affordable) choice. 

2. Getting a Job Based on my Mad Emailing Skills- Finally, being flippant and self-deprecating is paying off. Truly random, but totally wonderful. Of course, last week I also took the training as a new leader for PEPS, so as a stay at home mom, I currently have 3 part time jobs and 2 volunteer gigs. No way this could end badly. Still, if people want to give me work for while the Bubba sleeps, I am a happy girl. 

 3. Part of your.... WORLD (splash splash splash)- Bubba can't crawl, but he does this move and then throws himself forward with his arms, usually onto his face. The planking leap really brings out the mermaid in him.

 4. Boob Mountain and Margaritas- Nothing like a breastfeeding mom receiving her drink order. Those are classy times at boob mountain (I promise I finished feeding before I started drinking). Also, those Aden and Anais blankets really earn the hype around them. I wish we had bought a second set, because they really kick other swaddle blankets' super flat butts.

5. MoMA's New Outreach to the Over 65 Crowd- I seriously saw that one coming, but I couldn't be happier to see it in action. Contemporary art is seemingly obsessed with the young and the new, but I would argue right now there is nothing more interesting than how contemporary art is reconsidering aging and legacy. I still obsess about it, even though I don't have to write an epic life-defining paper about it. Maybe someday, but right now I am happy to just enjoy these instagram pictures and videos as a enthusiastic amateur.

6. Zoe Yogurt- Everytime we go to this yogurt place, I feel like we are getting a (super sad) look into our future. Why do all these parents with toddlers look so sad? Why are they trying to nap in this public place? Why is there always at least one tyke who breaks down in the face of multiple yogurt choices? God bless you, yogurt parents, but I think the grown-ups at Ben and Jerry's look happier. Also, the yogurt here is delicious, and you can walk right across to the park to rest/ people watch/ get photobombed by a random guy. Perfect.

7. Green Lake Park- One of my favorite things about where we live. We have had a few relatively quiet weeks, and it means we can just enjoy being where we are. I am so glad we moved here and didn't stay in California. Life is so much happier when you can walk somewhere like this.

8. My First Mother's Day- The Boy made a valiant effort at being sentimental and creative. So cute. Plus I got breakfast in bed! It feels surreal that I would be the one getting handprints and pancakes, but if nothing else, it really makes me appreciate that I should buy my mother a solid gold handprint or pancakes made of platinum or something. It was a fun and sweet day (punctuated by our getting lost in all sorts of places where they really didn't want us there), and it made me happy that we can still adventure with our tiny spawn, because he is a zenbaby.

9. Scallops and Corn Salad- The Boy pulled this amazingness out of the hat for Mother's Day. It doesn't look too glamorous (those garlic fries don't add to the look, but only a fool turns down garlic fries), but every element tasted delicious. We don't live in the best place for scallops, but I wish we did, so we could nail that recipe. On the other hand, we reached the season where Safeway wants to give corn away (come on cherries, you're next!), so future iterations of this salad are sure to come.

10. Property Brothers- These Canadians dominate our Netflix time (which has greatly diminished now that Bubba seems to have noticed the tv). I want to know if any of these fools actually felt surprise in the first segment (wha?? This mansion is out of my price range?!?) and whether the brothers specifically tailor their sideburns to highlight their cheekbones. Their sideburns are mesmerizing.

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