6 Things for the Last Two Days

by - Friday, May 01, 2015

1. Escaping the Rain- The bubba and I try to walk a mile or two a day, but our walk on Tuesday got us good. We retreated into a coffee shop, and it made for a nice afternoon.

2. "Another One Bites the Dust"- Perfect song to bake to. It doesn't make sense, but it really gets you going to cinnamon and sugar your apples.

3. Pandemic- I like games that are collaborative, but this one is  straight up impossible. I stilll don't understand why we did so freaking bad at that game, except that we definitely misunderstood some rules. We got squashed both times, but we had fun anyway.

4. Weird weird days- Wednesday, we just had a lot of randomness, a fresh crop of Jehovah's Witnesses, a very crabby gardener, and we even found a new park near our house!

5. Chicken pot pie- The Boy makes a great one, and I am currently obsessed.

6.  Setting New Goals- National Parks, here we come.

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