7 Things for a Completely Boring Weekend (In a Good Way) and Today

by - Monday, April 27, 2015

1. Our First Try at Babysitting- On Friday night, we watched Caleb while his parents were out celebrating a 30th birthday. We can say we survived it, but it taught a powerful lesson; we are not experts on babies, just our baby (and barely). Still, we enjoyed seeing the bubbas play together.

from https://twitter.com/anthonyseXC/status/590582895607164929/photo/1
2. This Prom Proposal- Forgive me, because I am sure you have seen this already, but it is just the cutest ever. This twitter post is of a straight senior, Jacob, asking his gay friend, Anthony, to prom. Anthony said he planned all the dances, but no one ever asked him, and after Jacob's original plan didn't work out, he asked his friend rather than go stag. So cute I can forgive the use of the word "hella" which I generally hate.

3. Top Pot Doughnuts-We have our sandwich place, our pizza place, and our Greek place. I didn't even realize we needed a doughnut place, but after trying these Seattle staples, I'm sold. Next time you come to visit, demand doughnuts (they aren't quite Clarks' but don't hold it against them too much.

4. Searching for our dining room table- We keep on the lookout for a round table we can put an extension in to make bigger when it isn't just the three of us. Simple enough dream, right? Turns out, the last time this was popular, the tables were really not our style (fancy pants legs, looks like it belongs in a very formal dining room, that kind of thing). Still, we are determined. We will figure it out!

5. Mapleleaf- On Sunday, we crossed 5 and explored another neighborhood near ours, basically judging houses and yards. I love Seattle houses. They come in such cute colors, and they generally have great yards. I have decided it is because the Seattle collective spirit reads books, gardens, and hangs out with their pets. If you are going to be hermetic, at least do it in a space you love.

Wayne White, Fast Twirl, 2011- from http://www.western-project.com/artists/wayne-white/#1

6. Wayne White Watercolors- He's Back! Wayne White must be in my top ten Artsy genomes ever, and I got to work on him again on Sunday. In case you want to drink in some awesomeness, you can check his Artsy page here.

7. This Essay- So much stuff is flooding in about Baltimore, and I feel like every time this happens now, you can feel it in the air, but this essay by Ta-Nehisi Coates nailed the ridiculous assumptions inherent in constantly calling for peace without conceding as a leader that something has gone terribly wrong. Honestly, I can't decide how I feel about the riots in Baltimore except for really sad. I know that something important is happening here, and having volunteered for a year with kids in a similarly charged area (East Palo Alto), I have seen some of the feelings of frustration and distrust in action, though I can't claim to understand it (as a very young looking waspy girl, I am much more likely to be condescended to than suspected).  I cannot imagine as a mother how to face a world where my son was treated like a criminal even as a child (we saw this often) or as a neighbor to see a young person killed by police who are meant to serve and protect. I resent some of my facebook acquaintances for criticizing the behavior of the rioters without reflecting on why they might be so angry. I think Coates helps to explain that experience to people like me who can only try our best to empathize, and this kind of insight can reach the people considering

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