3 Things- Socktopus, Butter Walks, and Cheesecake Rests

by - Wednesday, April 15, 2015

 1. Socktopus- Cutest toy ever. It's an octopus wearing socks! Also good for my spawn, who can't currently figure out how to get the socks off. Babies are adorable, but not always the brightest. Someday, he will eat those socks.

2. Walking to PCC Market- We have a co-op supermarket in our neighborhood, and I realized today it might be the nicest one to walk to when I forget something (in this case, butter). We got to walk around Green Lake and try some of the things that make the entrance smell so amazing for lunch. It felt like the exact reason we moved into the city, not the suburbs- so I could walk to the grocery store for crazy expensive produce.

3. This picture- Just getting to the pictures from this weekend, about 90% of which were taken by my niece. This one made me smile. Nothing like a late night cheesecake cuddle.

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