3 Things for Today- We're Back!

by - Tuesday, April 14, 2015

At least for now, feeling optimistic I can bring at least the daily thankfuls back, because it is nice to have to help me remember the moment. It feels slightly ironic that I would probably like to remember these days I haven't had time to document!

1. Butcher and the Baker French Polynesian Sandwich- I could be such a good pescatarian if pork didn't exist. The boy brought our favorite sandwiches back for dinner tonight, which practically made up for the fact that our PEPS group is over. The best ham sandwich in the world really makes up for a lack of baby-related group discussions.

2. Family Game Night- Yes, we are lame and boring, but sometimes, that can be a relief. Happy to include some things in our routine where fun is the goal. Our plan is games on Tuesdays and movie night Thursdays- do you have a night for fun in your house? What do you do?

3. Succulents- The Boy's co-workers gave him condolences flowers, but manlier. They look truly gorgeous; if only I knew how we should take care of them!

Bwahaha success! Ya blogged!

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