The Ten Best Places We Have Eaten So Far

by - Monday, March 02, 2015

Today marks 365 days in Seattle, and I honestly can say we have had a lot of good days in this city so far. Also, a lot of good meals! We have spent a good chunk of time mourning our beautiful cheap California produce, food trucks, and our beloved Peruvian place (what's up Seattle? Peruvian is good! Get at it!). Still, I feel like we have found some places we genuinely love, and we still have lots to explore. So here are our favorites so far:

10. Razzi's- This Greenwood pizzeria is clearly owned by Greeks, but we have forgiven them, because the crust is yummy and the decor inside is wonderfully cute and worn. It has become our go to pizza delivery place, which turns out to be important with a new baby. Having a pizza place makes a city feel like home, so they may have not reinvented the wheel, but they helped us for sure. Runner Up- Flying Squirrel Pizza- hipper, maybe even a little better, and they had Ron Swanson on the wall. Also, always crazy busy.

9. Ivar's Acres of Clams- Ivar's, like Burgermeister, is an essential Seattle chain, but it interestingly works on all sorts of levels- they have a fancy salmon house, a few clam stands, a chain of Long John Silver's restaurants, and Acres of Clams, which is somewhere in between. You can get fried clams (very important) or something more fancy/ less greasy. Currently, you can't have any of it because Bertha shut them down. Runner Up for Waterfront Restaurant- The Crab Pot- They just pour crab legs and corn all over the table, and you eat until you feel really bad about yourself. Also awesome.

8. Tilthe- A little Fremont restaurant on 45th inside a house. One of Maria Hines's restaurants in Seattle. We went for our last grown up date, and it was yummy. The kind of place where you can see into the kitchen, and you feel awkward because they pay a little too much attention to you.

7. The Fainting Goat- Favorite Seattle ice cream so far, though in all honesty, we have seen a lot of Ben and Jerry, because they are conveniently nearby. We went with my beloved Melissa and her husband, who got some sort of chocolate cake in a jar number. I highly recommend that number if you have the chance. Most Seattle people are deeply committed to Molly Moon's, but I haven't had any life changers there. Runner up for ice cream- The ice cream place at the waterfront has the best waffle cones in the world. No for serious, they do.

6. Arosa Cafe- We just landed at Arosa Cafe once while in First Hill for a baby class, and I ate the best caprese sandwich ever there. Not to mention, the woman working treated us so sweetly and gave us amazing soup to try. They also serve delicious hot chocolate, maybe the best ever. I hope someday we have another chance to go there (they also deliver to the hospital, to anyone who is birthing there, not Ballard). Runner up for hot chocolate- Seattle has a reputation for coffee, but Chocolati might be more your style if you like things that aren't gross. They sell chocolate truffles and a whole host of flavors of hot chocolate. My only complaint is that they take their sweet time.Still, Seattle gets hot chocolate.

5. Tandoozy- My favorite stand at the Farmer's Market, which serves a smorgasbord of Indian deliciousness on top of a giant piece of naan. It works as a perfect treat lunch for two before you go guilt buy vegetables. You also feel like you have earned something, because Tandoozy always has a line. Sitting on a curb eating this makes for a happy Saturday afternoon.  Runner up for Indian food- India Masala is our Indian takeout go to. Nothing mind blowing, but good solid Indian food that lasts us a good chunk of the week.

4.Paella out of Pike's Place Seafood- I know the place mostly functions as a tourist trap, but I think there is something incredibly cool about going to buy fresh seafood in the market and then taking them home to cook. I would warn you to actually know what is seasonal, because some of the places at Pikes work like a very expensive grocery store. Still, Pike's Place is fun to shop at and you can buy some delicious business. Pike's Place Runner Up- Lowell's has good seafood sandwiches and a gorgeous view from the third floor. The Italian bakery has authntically cranky Italian women. But most of all, you can never go wrong (well from September to April is a bad choice) with buying cherries and eating them all before you even get out of the place. Nom.

3. Mr. Gyro- This is our newest favorite thing. The Boy blew off his fancy Italian dinner to go to this hole in the wall with a few stools, a tiny menu, and the best Greek food ever (and we LOVE Greek food). We ate here twice for his birthday week. The Chicken Schwarma is amazing, the owners are two brothers who always seem friendly and happy, and you get the sense they have a very loyal following. For good reason. It deserves its hype.

2. Toulous Petit- This Creole restaurant in Queen Anne has a kind of fussy dinner vibe (so many candles!) but our favorite lunch in the whole city. They have a whole collection of Po Boys. We like taking people here because it is a stone;s throw from Seattle Center. Spicy and delicious and awesome all over. If we haven't taken you here yet, we probably will. Runner up for New Orleans food- Where ya at Matt is a food truck that lives up to the name, because we can never find it. Great Po Boys there as well, and the owner also opened a New Orleans restaurant Roux.

1. The Butcher and the Baker- On Tuesdays, BBG and I walk to The Boy's bus stop and when he gets off, we walk across the street to Butcher and Baker. We have tried all of their sandwiches and love all but one (though we take turns ordering the French Polynesian). The place is small and infamously packed for weekend brunch (we haven't tried it, but they were on the cover of one of the big Seattle magazines as having the best brunch), but in the evenings it stays relatively calm. They just seem cool and laid back, and I would eat their sandwiches everyday if I could. Plus, they are walking distance from our house, which basically is the reason we wanted to move into the city. Yay Sandwiches!

So, these are our favorites so far! We have a long list of Seattle To Dos, so I am sure we will have new favorites and regular places by this time next year!

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