3 Things- Some Spray Paint, Art Capers, and The Final Ballad of Leslie Knope

by - Sunday, March 01, 2015

1. Celebrating our 1 year anniversary in Seattle at the most appropriate place- Home Depot. We intend to whip our guest room into shape to seduce more visitors into staying. Because clearly they come for the glamour. We had fun pushing through the project anyway, and we can check two more things off the list. It's amazing how little you have to buy if you can keep reusing the same stuff over and over. We certainly had a productive year, and I am super proud of that.

2. This New York Times article on the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum's Big Robbery- Great story, pretty good article. I love that feeling of instant gratification productivity. My baby almost grows fast enough to give my boobs that feeling, but a simple sand and spray paint really satiates that hunger. A good reminder that the art world is as much about money as anything else.

3. Parks and Rec's Final Season on Amazon- I know I am a few weeks behind, but we got there eventually, and I couldn't be more depressed and excited all at once. I might be in denial about the whole thing.

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