3 Things- Jazz, No More Fashion Policing, and Artybollocks

by - Thursday, March 12, 2015

1. Ken Burns Jazz- Yes, I am knee-deep into another one. So good, even if the narrative structure seems identical one historical epoch to the next.

from https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153113258248570&set=a.10150607283278570.409119.676538569&type=1&theater
2.Kathy Griffin's Resignation from Fashion Police- Alright, full disclosure, I wouldn't consider myself a big fan of Griffith's, but kudos to her for refusing to go for the cheapest blows that, in the end, hurt everyone. If you can't make someone laugh without making fun of a woman's appearance, maybe comedy should not be your thing? I gave up on the show long before Rivers' passing, but it sounds like it has only gotten nastier, so if it dies, I am not sure who will mourn it. They shouldn't have brought it back so quickly anyway, and if it can't exist without being nasty about one woman's appearance (which is just toxic to everyone), then it should die. Go, Girl, drop the freaking mic.

3. Instant Artist Statement- Artybollocks Generator made my day. I read so much of this nonsense on my genoming days. Throw in a couple of key words (Conceptualism, Process-Oriented, etc) and say how important you are. Done.

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