3 Things for Yesterday- Erich, CoCA, and Bananas

by - Saturday, March 07, 2015

1. Erich Hartmann- This photographer famously shot at the Nazi concentration camps, but I find some of the sad photographs about everyday life and alienation equally thought-provoking. Check him out, he's great.

2. CoCA's 1996 Polka Palooza- You know how the more you get to know something, the weirder it gets? The rule works for people too, but it may be one of my favorite things about living. CoCA has hosted Nirvana, live tatoo artists and sword swallowers, and, of course, the world's largest accordion band. It's the randomness that makes it wonderful.
3. Bananas- I have hated them most of my life, but post-baby, I love them. Love them. Eat two a day love them. I would say this is part of my diet plan, but that seems misleading. I just enjoy eating them.

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