3 Things- Chicken Pot Pie, Baby Giggles?. and Mary Steenbergen

by - Wednesday, March 04, 2015

1. Chicken Pot Pie- The Boy made some great mini-ones, and it turns out to be a pretty solid food for this season, because you can freeze them and heat them up. Anything with a crust can't be wrong. I kid, most crusts aren't a good sign.
2. Constantly Trying to Decide if the Baby is Laughing- BBG makes some cheery noises, and we just can't tell.
3.Mary Steenbergen- That lady is in everything (especially everything we've watched lately), and she gets cooler every time. She is what Andie McDowell wishes she could be.

Also, Anything that isn't the Duggars- Oh having babies, it gets you so much attention. They just get worse and worse, and I really hate hearing about this family, which to me represents a lot of the WORST ways so-called Christians approach the world around them. Please, let them go away, because I really don't need to hear about their ever-expanding bigot factory (because Jesus said "Love your neighbor... as long as your neighbor is just like you. And if they aren't, just have so many children and keep them totally insular so you never have any neighbors who don't act just like you told them to).

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