What Worked in January- Boobs Out Uniform

by - Sunday, February 01, 2015

 Ah, breastfeeding. I feel like I am getting the hang of remaining presentable without flashing strangers or living in pajamas. I have mostly stuck to the formula I talked about last month. Also, contrary to what you might expect, when you spend so much of your day boobs out, nobody wants to take your picture, so I have very few pictures this month. Please, choose to believe with me that I didn't look as profoundly tired as I felt and got mercy ignored. So here are a few things I thought really worked:

 1. Slouchy hats and layers- Seattle gets cold in January! We were out and about a lot, and it helped me look like I was trying even if I was just wearing the same outfit for the 15th time. It really encouraged me to embrace layers and accessories to switch things up.

 2. This dress- My mom bought me this dress and I have used the crap out of it! The dress, a long coat, leggings, and boots pretty much is my out and about uniform, because my maternity jeans can't quite hold on like they did, not to mention I hate pants. Warm, cozy, and easy to whip a nipple out when needed. Maybe I will wear it to frozen Mardis Gras.

3. New Shampoo and really simple hair- I keep considering going back to my short cut with blunt bangs, but the hair has mostly been a huge relief. I am not a pony tail type of person but with some nice new shampoo and an air dry, things are mostly still alright. I may get it cut in February, because yanking has become a real threat.

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