Many Happy Things from my Time Away

by - Wednesday, February 04, 2015

 1. BBG meeting his Uncle Carlo and Aunt Pam- It meant so much to us that they came to see our new house and baby.

 2. Devo "I Can't Get no Satisfaction- We went to EMP and saw the Nirvana exhibit. The highlight of the exhibit was a dive into early underground music both nationwide and in Seattle. Plus, you can put on headphones and listen to the bands' music. I really loved Devo's cover of "I Can't get no Satisfaction" which sounds just like you would imagine it to. It was good stuff.

3. EMP's Music Video Exhibit- My by far favorite thing there at the time, that considered some aspects (and displayed some props) from music videos since the late 70's. They touched on the medium's connections to dance, animation, photography (light and dark especially), and even avant-garde film. It felt like such a rich topic that they could have a rotating gallery just on music videos. I could have spent all day in that gallery watching videos.

4. Fatboy Slim "Weapon of Choice"- Still so good, just don't look up how old it is, because you will feel old.

5. The Blue and Green all over the Seattle- Two days before the playoff game, buildings all over the city were showing their pride for the Seahawks. I could care less about sports, but their spirit (and eventual disappointment I guess) made me like Seattle even a little more.

6. "Uptown Funk"- We watched the video like 10 times and danced at the baby. I suspect that Bruno Mars's trombone player (who is a National Treasure) finally convinced my spawn that looking at people is almost as interesting as furniture.

7. Being able to Connect BBG with his Family so Early- This is the sentimental stand in for my joy every time another one of my loved one's met (or were reunited with) my baby, which is the feeling that dominated the last two weeks. I feel lucky that he has so many people who love him. I feel lucky that he has been able to meet so many of those people long before he will remember it, so they can know him from thee beginning and he can't remember a world without them. I feel so lucky that so many of our grandparents are still so healthy and able to get to know him. I feel overjoyed that people traveled just to meet him, and that at 2 and a half months old, he has already spent lots of time with all 4 of his grandparents, because family isn't an island, and it means the world to me that he feels connected to his whole family, not just The Boy and I. I want to encourage all of those bonds. So not to be too sappy, but this is all the happies I need.

8. Babywrapping in airports- My advice for flying with an infant? Take as few things as you possibly can. The Boy carried BBG most of the day, we have the same number of carry-ons as we ever had, and the moving through airports was perfectly simple and pleasant.

9. The Look you get Boarding a Plane with a Baby- "Hi friends! Hope you brought your headphones!" He was actually happy and chill the whole time. All that baby needs is food, and he is happy.

10. This high chair- I am pretty sure they got that for Shelly when she was a baby, so it has at least 28 years of use (and 15 more grandchildren) behind it. No wonder the bear looks slightly concerned!

11. "Oh My Goodness"- Alright, I won't get sappy again, but my Grammy is the cutest.

12. A Full Breezeway- This is what family looks like to me. 

13. Baby Cookies- My cousins made cookies of BBG and his cousin Aisley. Come on, this is the cutest. I love his little ginger mohawk.

14. Moffitt Cookies- Just my favorite thing. Everyone is so weird, and I love that.

15. Frozen- Finally, I have heard the original version of "Do you want to build a snowman" I think I missed too many plot points to make sense of it really, but I can see why it appeals to little girls anyway.

16. Snow- I love it, but I recognize that is easier to do when you only have to live with it a couple weeks a year. Still, basically our whole time in Pennsylvania looked like a winter wonderland. One morning there were huge fluffy flakes that were especially beautiful. I couldn't take too many pictures, since we were trying to keep our baby out of the cold.

17. Pag Seafood Yumminess, Leonardo's Pizza, Nana's Snickerdoodles, and My MIL's Ham- I had to add in the cute picture for good measure. I love eating at home.

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