3 Things- Gutai, Rugs, and Naan

by - Tuesday, February 17, 2015

1. The Gutai Exhibition at Dominique Levy- I want to go to there. Gutai performances were preposterous and original, work in Japan that preceded and paralleled Body Art, Happenings, and the like.I have read so much by them and about them, but I think I have only seen one Gutai piece on display in my life, so I am really lusting after this one.  You can read about the show here.

from Tarzanpillow on Etsy
 2. Turkish Kilim Rugs- This is the kind of stuff I would buy if I didn't like traveling way more than stuff. I love them, but they are way too expensive to just put on your floor to be walked on. I don't know how people do it.
3. Naan Bread- Gah, so good. We went to Saffron Grill, which looks like an Olive Garden made into an Indian restaurant.  2 out of 2 success rate for Birthday week dinners so far.

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