9 Great Things at the Start of 2015

by - Sunday, January 04, 2015

1. Pigs in a Blanket-The classiest way to start a new year. Or at the very least, the closest you will get to pork and sauerkraut in our house. Respect to the Boy for creating such an epic pig pyramid.

2. Whatever Pig inspired this sign-Who kept taking their potbellied pigs to the park so much that someone had to intervene? I want to meet this person.

3. Simone Forti is Finally Getting a Retrospective- The Avant-garde dancer, who often collaborated with Yvonne Rainier and continues to work (she will turn 80 this year) is finally getting her own retrospective at the Museum der Moderne. I really wish I could see this show, which centers on her dance from the sixties but also exhibits some of her drawings and videos. Who's coming with me?

4. BBG Seeing his Mobile for the First Time- It was so sweet to see him look at this mobile his Dad worked really hard on, then realize he was in an ALL NEW BED. He was way more excited about the slats on the bed than his flying machines, but it was cute enough that I don't think The Boy minded.

5. The Chase Scene in the French Connection- Oh boy movies, you just dominate this whole list. I could have cared less about most of this film (though I think Roy Scheider might be way underrated- that guy did all sorts of stuff), but the big chase scene in this one is just as good as they say it is. Really dark (I mean, it starts with a mom pushing a stroller being sniped) and really suspenseful.

6. Mall Walking- Apparently if we are going to go walking everyday in Seattle, we will do it old lady-style and go mall-walking. Do I get to feel more accomplished if I avoid the temptation of a Wetzel's Pretzel?

7. Overalls Vengeance-The whole time I was pregnant, I told the Boy I wanted overalls, because I think they are super cute on pregos, but he looked at me as if I wanted to wrap myself in pogs and polly pockets (it's a very particular 90's disgust). Now, they are coming into style. We saw a bunch of them when we went shopping. If you want fashion tips for three months from now, just go ask a prego.

from tikiloungetalk.com
8.Marty-This movie is just beautiful. One of those ones that I think has gotten lost in history, but we watched it yesterday and I think I will watch it every New Year's from now on. The romance is sweet and Ernest Borgnine gives a heart-wrenching, just gorgeous performance. It also passes the Bechdel Test, because there is a (fantastic) scene where two older women talk about aging and how they feel about it. It's one of those movies where there is no bad guy, and everyone feels like a real person. My only complaint is that they keep talking about what a dog one perfectly attractive woman is. I feel like it's a repeat of The Apartment, and I have found one of my favorite movies of the whole year in the first week. I just immediately loved it.

9.That Fresh Feeling of Newness- I love the beginning of a New Year, especially if it is a little bit boring. It gives you a little time to take stock of things and to clarify priorities. This year, since The Boy is on paternity leave, we get to take our nesting really seriously. This week my friend is coming to visit, so we will get busy again (and I am grateful for that), but I have been happy to clean and take down our decorations and watch every food documentary we can find.

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