5 Things That Make Hermit Days Awesome

by - Sunday, January 11, 2015

The last two days, The Boy, BBG, and I have not gotten out of pajamas or left our house. I have gotten back to work, and The Boy has been hard at work at the last piece of the nursery puzzle.  Because of that, I don't have a ton of insights or new cool things to share, but I do love these nesting days (which I feel like we are becoming experts at).

1. Pajamas- Is there anything more satisfying then spending your whole day in pajamas? I feel like you should never do it for more than two days in a row, but those two days are pretty glorious.

2.Binge-Watching- We have watched a whole season of Amazing Race in two days (thanks Pag), though I'll admit once our teams lost, our interest was also mostly eliminated.

3. Waffles, pancakes, or grilled cheese- It all depends on which things we have run out of or are about to run out of, but I love that we always have one of these three meals while avoiding the world.

4. Long Conversations about Whether it is Worth it to Leave for Snacks- It never is. Just eat the toast or cereal or leftovers if you are hungry. But for whatever reason, we always have to debate it. When they have free cake delivery we will be in serious trouble.

5. A Project- I can't just do nothing, but a kind of directed nothing, like making Christmas ornaments or working on our book on Shutterfly is just enough non-work to keep me from feeling overly idle without actually accomplishing much.

Alas, we have to start stepping it up to get things done tomorrow, but the weekend really was nice! Hope you all have a good start to your week!

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