3 Great Things for New Year's Eve

by - Thursday, January 01, 2015

1. Prohibition-Nothing says crazy party night like Ken Burns documentaries. But they are so good! This one tells the the stories of the temperance movement (so prescient for many of our debates now), bootlegging, Speakeasies, race, gender, income tax, and so much more in the three episodes. Burns deserves the attention he gets because he deals with the grand context and individual stories in one narrative in a clean and convincing way. A rhetoric is there, but it is nuanced in a way much closer to reality than the rhetorics we are used to having presented to us now. Anyway, we spent the majority of the night drinking mai tais, eating goldfish, and watching this documentary. Not a bad New Years, if we can't be playing Tombola.

2. Our Own Crab Bake- Our last meal in 2014. The Amazing Boy knocked it out of the park, though we had to crack shells for each other because BBG was not enjoying the day in general. Nothing like making a good mess.

3. Seattle's Fireworks and Fergie's Half Suit Dress-We watched the New Year's celebrations on TV of the Space Needle. So gorgeous! Even cooler was realizing that we could see them from our house and running upstairs to watch them from a distance. I think 2015 has to be magic with a start like that. After that, we watched the New York City celebrations (did you know they just replay it 3 hours late on the West Coast? So weird) and Fergie wore the ugliest dress I have ever seen. Apparently early 90's sportswear is coming back, and just in time, because I have been pining to have a neon camel toe.

Happy 2015 Everyone! I hope you had a great start!

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