3 Things I'm Grateful For Today- Beauty, Pants, and 10,000 Steps

by - Monday, December 29, 2014

1. "I Cannot Make You Beautiful"- A little sentimental for a professional essay, but her point is well-taken. Let the good thought shine out our faces.
2. Pants! As I have mentioned before, my mother hates to shop, so it is a real challenge to help her find clothes she likes, even though she is a beautiful lady. I have to counter her stubborn efforts not to shop or try things on, and I am pumped when she finds things she loves. We hit it out of the park today, because she got six pairs of gloriousness to cover her legs up.
3. Getting 10,000 Steps for the First Time since Birthing- Blam! I finally hit the 6 week mark yesterday, and I am not looking back. I never expected to be less mobile when I wasn't pregnant anymore than I was when I was carrying a giant hump on my front. And yet, the last few weeks I have been stuck moving way too little, so I am happy restrictions are off.

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