3 Things for Yesterday- Sandwiches, Walks, and a Rocking Cat

by - Tuesday, December 16, 2014

1. The Chairman sandwiches- We made the main event earlier in the weekend, but I got to have the leftovers yesterday for lunch, and they were still amazing on regular wheat toast (though it is much much harder to keep it all holding together. How amazing were they to send this to us? Will write the whole story tomorrow, probably ;o)

2. Going out for Walks- Thank goodness. Even if we are only getting around the neighborhood, I am happy to be starting this forward momentum. It can be tricky to do when the sun sets at like 4!

3. Sir Kittyface by Richie Pantaleo- The Boy's friend and college room mate made the baby this beautiful and incredibly cute rocking cat. He made us a lamp for our wedding too, so we have been very spoiled by his engineer-y Renaissance man creativity. It is really so cute and I am sure BBG will love it once he is capable of loving anything that isn't a boob.

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