3 Things for Yesterday- Leo Kenney, Greg Pikitus, and Grocery Shopping

by - Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Leo Kenney, Voyage for Two, 1953- from www.preview-art.com
1. Leo Kenney- My favorite Seattle artist I discovered while genoming the works at SAM. The artist became more and more abstract as he went, but I love the earlier pseudo-surrealistic stuff like this painting- Voyage for Two. He was the youngest artist to ever get a solo show at SAM, but he had health problems and alcoholism, so his slow output in most of his life kept him from reaching his potential.

2. Ginuwine and the Return of Greg Pikitis- We watched the last season of Parks and Rec again over the last two days, and man, the last few episodes crack me up. They should bring Pikitis back every episode. Just saying.

3. Grocery Shopping Together- We will not be stopped, and we are getting really good at running errands with our third member with us, which feels like a big accomplishment. It's amazing how much more of a pain the car seat/ carrier thing is. At least for now, he is small enough that just carrying (or wrapping) him is a pretty good solution for everyone.

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