Bumpwatch Week 37

by - Sunday, November 02, 2014

How Far Along: Just finished our 37th week! The Bump says the baby is the size of a wintermelon, to which, The Boy says baby sites be crazy (he is even more impressed with this week's vegetable Pumpkin, because these vary quite a bit in size). Next time, we will judge the baby's size by desserts. So at 37 weeks, it will be a very very big piece of cake.

Best Moment of the Week: Shelly had Aisley! She is very cute and hairy (who would have guessed!), and fresh babies just look so fresh I can barely stand it. Shelly had a planned induction a week early, but it seems to have gone well, and she generally makes the whole birthing thing seem pretty easy, so I am happy she went first. Happy this sweet baby is here, though it is always a bummer when big things happen, because it just makes you that much more aware that we all live far apart. Still, yay babies!

Most Interesting Prego Quirk: I am barely moving at all now (like getting 6,000 steps or less a day) and have long agonizing debates about whether to eat healthier (Halloween week was great for treats, but now we have that post-holiday regret thing going on) or to just say "F it" and enjoy the last few weeks of not having to feel too guilty eating whatever, because I am ballooned anyway. You get to the end stretch and start thinking about whether to transition where you can or go out with a bang, and I have to be honest, I think maybe going out with a bang is the right choice. I mean, if I commit to carrots and celery now, while I still have a giant riverdancer up in my ribs sucking my ability to spell out of my amniotic fluid, it isn't going to help me feel patient. I kid, but only sort of. May as well embrace the tragic landslide of the third trimester.

I Would Really Like Some: Baby Yoga (God help us all). I missed both of my classes last week for reasons I couldn't help, and I think it actually did really help keep me feeling fresh and flexible and such. Will get back to it this week.
Bizarro Thing No One Warned me About: Ok, they do warn you about this, but man, carseats! They also make putting baby furniture together sound difficult, but apparently those people didn't also move into their first house the same year, because it really didn't make a scratch. On the other hand, car seat pamphlets say all sorts of stuff, much of which is pretty confusing and sets multiple goals at once. 

Seattle has a famous Car Seat Lady, Sue Emory, who comes to your house to make sure you do it right. Not only did she make sure our base was put in perfectly, but she became the first person who said our 2005 Neon was actually a great idea for putting a baby in. Truly, she said if The Boy's family talks us into getting rid of it, she wants it. This whole pregnancy, I have felt like I was riding with Vin Diesel in a tin can death trap, so the news and explanation she gave us was pretty shocking, but I think it gave us a bit of a boost, and now the car seat is in, so that took a big thing off our list.

So really, the car seat thing is way harder than it seems like it should be. Nothing wrong with asking for help.

And The Boy?: Still freaking out, but we are reaching a weird point where the must do list is almost completely finished, so his panicking is less clearly directed? Also, the Car Seat Lady loved him (as well as the neon), and it always improves his mood when he can tell he is someone's favorite. Today he needs to put doorknobs with locks into the doors (for the sake of our many visiting parents), and I think we are hanging the art in the nursery, so nothing much will be left to do.

Looking Forward to: SAM date! The first Thursday of ever month, you can do art walks in Pioneer Square and go to SAM for free. So we are planning on doing that this week, and I am psyched about it. Otherwise, I am trying to destroy my quota for work early in the month so later I don't have to worry about it. 

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