3 Things for Yesterday- Voting, Hidden Verizon Stores, and Arosa Cafe Hot Chocolate

by - Wednesday, November 05, 2014

1. That so many people voted- Yes, yes, it wasn't a great day for the Democrats, but I was still encouraged to see that a lot of people were voting (and talking about it on facebook- the sticker idea is actually kind of genius).
2. Hidden Verizon stores- I thought we would have switched phones by now, because The Boy really really hates his, but now we don't agree on what to do next, so we are at a standstill. I will probably give in on this one, but I wanted him to take me to a store to convince me. We couldn't find the stinking store to do it!
3. Arosa Cafe hot chocolate- Still thinking about it, weeks later. If you live near First Hill, check out this cafe!

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