3 Things for Yesterday- Mommyjacking, Genoming, and Garlic

by - Monday, November 10, 2014

1. STFU, Parents- This website made me laugh out loud multiple times. Mommyjacking is my new favorite word (they could just rename Facebook that, though I think she is sometimes missing out on the mom population with grown children). I am absolutely sure that limits are lost in this transition, but this is a good reminder that WOW things can go way too far.
2. Genoming Marathon- I got so much genoming done yesterday- up to almost 700 (have to get to 1050 by the end of the month), which is good because I have been internet spotty (as well as lazy) all day. Should get back to work now.
3. Pizza with Giant Hunks of Garlic- Ahhhh garlic, why do you make me so happy? I would have giant chunks of garlic on everything if I could. Supposedly it makes your hair prettier, keeps your skin nice (really?!?), and can help you get snow off your driveway! Thank you interwebs for your garlic wisdom!

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