Unmined Costume Ispiration- Yoko Ono as a Bad Dancer

by - Monday, October 13, 2014

This week, rather than sharing about the art objects on my mind, I thought I would share art references that would make AMAZING costumes, if you don't have any ideas (or you don't want to revisit Frida again, no matter how amazing she is). Art history costumes are already a thing (oh buzzfeed, you leave no stone unturned) but don't kid yourself, Lichtenstein makeup is played out. This year, I will be enjoying Halloween as Super Preggo or some sort of planet (we could go as the Arnolini portrait if I can get the Boy to shave off his eyebrows), but I want to share some ideas anyway.

First up, my beloved Yoko. I have seen John and Yoko couple costumes, but people, you are missing out on the most amazing fashion phase of Yoko- NOW. She is an 81 year old superstar who is still coining a new signature look. And she looks freaking amazing.

Still from Bad Dancer from exclaim.ca
 What you need:
Short Black Shorts
A Jaunty Hat (it doesn't have to be a top hat, she rocks all kinds)
Panty Hose
Also, if you have a group, two people could also go as The Beastie Boys in the video. 

Just be prepared to share joy wherever you go!

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