Unmined Costume Inspiration- Albrecht Durer

by - Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Albrecht Durer is one of those artists that even if you don't know much about art, you would probably recognize some of his work (the bunny, the rhino). Not only is the man one of the most talented of all time, a proponent for the modern concept of copyright, and the King of the Northern Renaissance (given this title only by me), but he is also damn sexy and weirdly on some trends for someone dead hundreds of years. So, if you happen to already be a hipster, he might be the perfect choice for you.

from www.oneonta.edu
from en.wikipedia.org

What You Need

Curly long hair, given either by God or a Wig
Fake Fur lined coat
A Beard
A Paintbrush or Durer print, if you want to give people a clue
A Very manly floppy hat
A Generally Dour look on your face and beautiful hands

So, go old school and laugh at the fools dressed like Andy Warhol (it's done already!)

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