October Fashion Inspiration and What Worked in September

by - Wednesday, October 01, 2014

October Fashion Inspiration

So October is month 8, and I am really done by maternity clothes (ok, I lie, I bought one t-shirt for Halloween, but otherwise, DONE). This month, in my mind, is about bringing out boots, leggings, layers, and scarves. I am hoping that creates enough transformation that all the stuff I have already seems fresh and fun still.  Here are a few inspiration pictures:

from glorycloset.blogspot.com.es
This is my idea of a perfect late pregnancy fall outfit. I really love that in this season you can still wear pre-pregnancy jackets open with a great scarf and jeans, and you look pretty chic (maybe not as chic as this model, but still).
from http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/31/fa/76/31fa761365f20dd366c8df0e1647a0bb.jpg
 In general, I don't love these kinds of sweaters, because I believe in the power of waists (so I just think buttons help), but late pregnancy and fall basically begs for something like this. I did buy something kind of like this (but colorful) for the nursing phase, but I will probably pair it with boots and leggings as well.
from http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/e9/90/0b/e9900b55fce64edb21cb9ea62fb84159.jpg
Lastly, I feel I can make it through these later stretches by just wearing dresses as shirts with boots. This is about 90% of my strategy for the next 6 weeks. I like this combo because of the belt/boot match, but I think I can work with what I have this way.

What Worked in September

Oooph, this ended up being a month with a lot of growth for me. As in I exploded from pregnant into PREGNANT. I can see why people kind of give up at the end- just feeling comfortable is a pretty significant goal. On the other hand, you can look pretty cute really easily, because people associate you with babies, which they think are cute even when they poop and puke and are as gross as most miracles seem to be.

 Most of my best moments this month were on our trip to New Orleans, in which I got to dress up a lot. I love this grey dress, which is comfy and not too clingy (thought about prego clothes- they push jerseys because they are stretchy, but they also hold on to all the wrong things). I feel the message of this dress is "Yes, I am pregnant, but have you seen my boobs?" I also thought the sleeves would be good for fall, though we are just getting to that weather here.

 This lace dress was a gift from Aunt Ann early on in my pregnancy, and for a while we would joke about its tenty-ness. Now, it is almost too short because there is so much me. I love the color and having a kind of monochromatic print. This one is getting used in a big way now that it is tights and leggings season.

 Also, I would like to give a shout out to my Pea in the Pod splurge maternity jeans, which remain all kinds of awesome as things get more casual and colder. I am generally not a jeans girl, would happily wear a dress everyday, but I do applaud these jeans for holding on so well. Also, yay for really large-scaled jewelry, which is now getting replaces with scarves, but really brought it in September.

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