My 3 Favorite Food-Related Costumes

by - Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I feel like food costumes are pure happiness, because they are always silly and who doesn't love food? Not to mention, I bet it wouldn't be too hard to break some new ground, because there is a lot of food in this world. Here are some of my pinterest faves for yesterday. Why go get food when you can be food?

1. BLT- Best sandwich. Best costume. Best family? Just might be. Cannot get over the cuteness of this whole thing.

2. S'more- I love this one most because of the hat. It just cracks me up. I feel like the get-up might look especially cute on a really chubby baby.

3.  Pineapple- This is the most minimal and chic Halloween costume I have seen in my life, so kudos to her for making Halloween classy. Plus. the hat is amazing. I want to be this woman when I grow up. Plus, it is a great inspiration picture, because you can really think about other fruits that would work with a similar design idea.

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