9 Things for the Last 3 Days

by - Thursday, October 30, 2014

1. Being productive- I actually got a lot done on Monday! That was nice. Unlike today, in which I have gone lampshade shopping at Target and written this sentence. You're welcome, world.

from bigappetites.net
2. Christopher Boffoli- This photographer does pictures that play with food and scale (I just spelled that skill... I feel like in three weeks I will just be blogging those emails I used to send the Boy late at night from Vienna, in one of which I called him "Spidey") inspired by he said movies like Honey I Shrunk the Kids (and we can only hope the Borrowers). Favorite thing I genomed this week.

3. Cheddar Bisquit Mix- Thank you, Universe, for coming up with something so wonderful. I might just send one to my Nana on a weekly basis as a campaign to become her favorite grandchild.

4. Rochelle Kennedy, Super Laborer, and Fresh New Aisley Marie- My cousin Shelly had her beautifully chubby cheeked and thick-haired baby (who I also know without a doubt is going to be sassy and hilarious- you can just tell from the cheeks) on Tuesday. Shell makes labor seem not so bad, so I am glad she went first, and I can't wait to meet this baby in person! 
5. Paternity Court- It's like Judge Judy and Maury had a baby except no one knows who the father is. The saddest part is that the poor judge got that law degree so she could read paternity tests. It doesn't even make sense- do you think she goes home everyday and cries?
6. Galaxy Quest- That movie has become our healing film. I think it is the powers of Sam Rockwell. Also, we have seen a lot of Sigourney Weaver lately, and that lady is grossly underrated. She is just amazing in everything. 
7. Amy Poehler- I know she comes up often, but she did an ask me anything yesterday that was funny and cool and very Amy Poehler-y. She just always seems like a genuinely kind person, which is a strange thing to admire in a stranger, but alas, I am super weird.

8. Pumpkin Carving- The Boy draws out a design and makes a plan. I just start cutting things, because I think the real joy is to let the pumpkin speak to you. It will tell you what it's personality is. Mine is a smiling lady troll. The Boy's friend Rayan came to visit us and carved the BBG gourd, which he says is winking.
9. Those pumpkin scraper things- Way better than spoons. Everything else in those packs are ridiculous, but the scraper is a gem.

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