6 Things for Yesterday and Monday

by - Wednesday, October 08, 2014

1. Amy Poehler is guest curating ONE this month, to bring more attention to global problems for women and girls- Gah, I want to be her when I grow up.

2. Devon Still- I may have spent like an hour weeping and going through his instagram Monday afternoon. I knew vaguely about what was going on with him (and I think that I actually recognized the name, because he played for Penn State and I try to read my cousin Ben's writing on Penn State football) but then I checked his instagram and basically fell apart seeing this man who clearly loves his daughter more than anything and is now fighting cancer next to her. Plus, she is just the cutest 4 year old, and they have such a sweet bond. Looking at his instagram is a lesson in appreciation and perseverance.

3.This video of Eartha Kitt- PAG sent this to me yesterday, and it is pretty heavenly. I loved Eartha Kitt before, but listening to her talk about loving yourself first is pretty wonderful. She just seems like she is from another world, and I love that.

4.This story about an awesome Kenyan teen's invention to try to cut into poaching- You can read more about Mercy Sigey here.I just read last week that the world's wildlife population has been cut in half since 1970, which is so tragic. While in Kenya, we visited an elephant orphanage, where the majority of the young elephants had lost their mothers too poachers. The problem has become significantly worse (poachers kill up to 25,000 elephants a year.Sigey, a college freshman, invented a relatively simple device that would let officials know when poachers are sneaking onto wildlife preserves, to keep this from happening. Pretty Awesome.

5. Janet is here!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited that my mom is here visiting. She is currently still sleeping , so I have the morning to work until she gets up, and I am just happy to have her here so we can go shopping and prep for baby. Yesterday, we went through everything we have so far, so she and I have a definite vision of what still needs to be done in the 6 weeks before he gets here.

6. Best baby present ever- When I was really little I got Shiny (the bunny on the left) for Christmas, and I was so excited about her that I made most of my family members stand a closet with me to watch her glow in the dark. She remained the Queen Bitch of all my toys from then on, and clearly went through her share of wear and tear (under the hat the ears and hairbow are stubs, the fluffy bangs are long gone, the eyes are mostly scratched off, and she cannot actually be washed back to white). Clearly, I am fond enough of her that she and The Boy's childhood Teddy came with us to the West Coast. My Mom thought is would be cool to get a second shiny for the new baby, and with my brother's help, she finally found one on Ebay. Just one of the sweetest gifts ever, and also kind of shocking to see what Shiny looked like 20+ years ago. Shiny 2 will hang out with Bumbo Baby, and I hope he loves her just as well!

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