6 Things for the Weekend- Gourds, Corn Maze Jokes, and Coffin Cookies

by - Sunday, October 19, 2014

 1. Gourds and dead sunflowers- Gourds are so pretty and dead sunflowers are so creepy (in a good way). I had fun taking pictures of both.

2. Corn Maze Jokes- My Grammy would love them. There were a few we never figured out, but if you can take a maze shaped like a chicken and fill it with elephant jokes, you are getting everything right, even if you feel like you might sink through the mud.

3. Western Spaghetti- By Pes. I love it.
4. Central Cinema- An awesome small theater in Seattle with booth seating, food, and cartoons playing until the movie starts. I mean, how can you fight with cartoons? Plus they played the Ghostbusters music video, which weirdly features Al Franken. It's fun to be in any theater that encourages almost a live viewing response from the audience (all the beer pitchers I saw coming in probably helped with that). I loved the whole place, though they aren't showing much we would want to see between now and spawn.

5. Smiley Cookies!!- It almost makes me sad to look at this picture, because I have to face how many cookies we ate in one day! Eat n Park is really stepping their game up, because this is just amazing. Plus, the cookies look a lot like Charlie Brown.
6. Krusteaz Cinnamon Cake- Yes, we also had cake. It was the closest thing to Hobee's coffee cake we've had. Simple and from a box, but also totally delicious.

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