6 Things for the Last Two Days

by - Saturday, October 11, 2014

Oy. So it turns out that I am getting super crappy at blogging. The best excuse I can think of is that I am reaching this phase where I am lazy? Like I can just sit and stare into nothing, and get nothing done, so I focus my energies on my actual job with little left. This is a huge shift in my personality, because in general I hate getting nothing done. But here I am on Saturday realizing I haven't blogged anything for days. I have decided that I am Frodo at the end of the Lord of the Rings (should I start speaking with a slightly weird accent? What is up with Elijah Wood's "a"s in that movie?) and that the Ring has completely taken over, ruined my skin, and fried my brain. Perhaps The Boy, like Sam, will carry the blog as my brain turns to mush and I start tackling Andy Serkis. I can guess The Boy's Top Three for the day- Skittles, Making fun of the other couple in our baby class, and finding out that Carrie Fisher is Debbie Reynold's daughter (who knew?!? Oh yes, everyone).

So, I'm sorry, loyal readers, but on the bright side it probably won't get better. According to my baby relationship class, everything gets way worse. Maybe I will just post videos of my infant popping it, because I am pretty sure Anaconda is playing in my uterus.So let's enjoy these moments now, while we still have them:

1. Jennifer Lawrence's response to the photo "scandal"- this is for early in the week, but I was impressed with her articulate and rightfully damning response to the whole incident, which she was right to call a sex crime. I also thought her justification of taking nude photos in the first place was interesting (for the record, I don't think she should have to justify it at all)- setting it up as a kind of competition between herself and pornography (and if Jennifer Lawrence has to play that game, how much trouble are we all in?). I like to think of myself as a very sex-positive feminist (don't disown me, Annie Sprinkle), but I do think that there is a strange and ugly set of relationships going on here between women, images, men, and porn that no one is talking about directly. I don't think it is as simple as a straight antagonism, but I also think that this constant and overwhelming sense of entitlement to women's bodies can be attributed, at least partially, to the fact that female bodies are constantly available and free. She is absolutely right in saying that what they did in the first place was a sex crime (and has anyone really taken reddit to task for this yet? Why is it still happening?), and I respect that she is equally critical about those who chose to look at the pictures, for whatever reason they did, because honestly it is a fucked up and creepy thing to do.I want to think more about this double problem of access and competition.

2. In A World- Great little film, well-written, and romantic without trying so freaking hard. Anything that can pass the Bechdel Test with flying colors, show a woman breaking ground (and being funny and original, and boasting a Geena Davis cameo has to be good stuff. It makes me feel like more women should make more movies, because I have been waiting to watch something this good lately. Also, it's finally giving Demetri Martin his due as a sex symbol and overalls their due as a fashion miracle (ah, I love them- so unflattering, yet so wonderful). I kid. It was way better than the Jason Bateman movie we watched later in the day.

3. Jason Bateman, Winner of Most Specifically Typecast Actor in the World- Bateman is the newly single middle brother with an older and younger brother and one sister he is very close to. Also, his family is dysfunctional. Also, he had love triangles with his older brother. No, not Arrested Development, this was This is Where I Leave You. This film left me with a number of questions:

What is it about Jason Bateman that screams middle son? Does he dream of getting to play another spot in the birth order?
Can we retire walking in on partner cheating with a coworker? This has to have more film representations than actual real life occurrences.
Why does Tina Fey's efforts to cry sincerely just remind me of Liz Lemon and make me laugh?
What happened to Tina Fey's baby? Who was watching her?
Wait, is Timothy Olyphant's name Whorey? Horry? Wha?
Rose Byrne is 10 YEARS younger than Jason Bateman. 10. When he was a senior, she was in second grade. What kind of high school crush could we possibly be talking about here? This gap fools no one.
Why is everyone miserable? Why is life the worst? Why couldn't they just move the sofa bed?

4. International Day of the Girl and National Coming Out Day- Just so much wonderful for one day, though it also serves as a reminder of how much is left to do for the generations coming after ours both in the US and internationally. One posted a lot of cool info about girls today (with the help of Amy P), but also pointed to some of the major issues still facing girls internationally. No one should feel like they have to risk violence just to get water or an education! We can do better (also, how amazing is Malala!?)

5. John Gottman- We are taking the Swedish Bringing Baby Home relationship workshops. I feel strongly that they missed an opportunity by not naming it Bringing up Baby and requiring Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant voices. Still, we get to watch lectures by the writer of the series, and he is basically my favorite person. He is an epically hilarious mumbler, almost like he mutters to himself but only when making jokes. I enjoy him, and I feel like we are learning, so 7 hours in class feels well-spent.

6. Gene Kelly's smug face- So smug, but it works so well in Singin in the Rain. Also, the "beautiful girls" number, which is just bizarre, totally forgettable, and historically inaccurate. I love it.

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