6 Things for the Last 2 Days- Leggings, Aretha, and a Working Sink!

by - Wednesday, October 22, 2014

from http://www.modcloth.com/shop/leggings/imaginative-merriment-leggings-in-delight
1. Bosch Leggings- This may be the best a camel toe could possibly look. I want these in a bad way, because they are just wonderfully classy and inappropriate all at once. Plus, anything to bring attention to my inner calf. Well done, Modcloth. I have always wanted to see leggings with more naked people on them.
2. Calling it and just going to Arby's- A horrible and wonderful solution to life just being annoying. Also, curly fries are good for the soul.
3. Aretha Franklin singing Respect live- There is one version I love, and it gets harder and harder to find. I may just buy the cd, since I have mostly decided streaming is a fool's game.
4. A Working Sink and Laundry Machine! Woot woot! You all can come visit us now- we will stink much less. Latest brush with adulthood conquered, and we are back to blogging and playing video games.
5. The Horror of Trying to Binge Watch Love it or List It- Homeowners are the worst. Homeowners in Canada, worst ever (have you ever noticed when you hang out with Canadians, they always have to talk about how it is better there? Have they never seen this show? Don't you know how whiny you all are?). The designer and homeowner's drama  and disdain can destroy your soul if you watch too many episodes in a row. It doesn't even matter how contrived it is. Also, what is going on with Desta's hair? Bad in a million different ways!
6. Crab Bisque- We are trying to eat mostly soup and salad from now until spawn. This way, we can test lots of new things that might be good once we are trying to lose weight and also learn how to be parents. Tis week, we are doing crab bisque

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