3 Things for Yesterday- Notorious RBG, Xbox Music, and Word to Mother

by - Tuesday, October 21, 2014

from https://www.etsy.com/listing/196009779/notorious-rbg
1. Notorious RBG t-shirts- I have almost bought this on etsy like 10 times now for the Boy (he loves Ruth Bader Ginsburg- that's a keeper. I keep thinking about making him a surprise bag for the hospital when I am in labor, both because it sounds pretty boring for him and just in case I am super mean to him, and this may be in it. Need to make a decision.
2. XBox Music- I am finally saying goodbye to Zune, which has gotten worse and worse for quite a while, and I am switching over to XBox music, so I can have music on my new phone when we get it in November (ah to have a phone with battery life?).
from godsavedadaism.blogspot.com
3. Word to Mother- This is my favorite artist I genomed yesterday. Former Street Artist/ Graphic Artist. Check out his work here.

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