3 Things for Yesterday- Apple Cider, Apple Curry, and Teal Tuesday!

by - Wednesday, October 01, 2014

1. Apple Cider- Gah, it is so good! Yay treats!

2. Apple Curry and Chicken- The Boy made a delicious apple dish that you probably wouldn't find at Applefest usually, but it made our house smell amazing (if you can't have the smell of french fries and funnel cake, the smell of curry is a pretty good substitute).

3. Everyone who participated in Teal Tuesday! I was especially excited that people who I don't know did it, because I think that means this thing has got some legs. Special propers go to the lovely and amazing Paige Greene, who hit it out of the park and got a lot of friends to participate. I think  I counted 27 people who posted selfies in teal, which is awesome (I didn't post them all, because I felt like that is overkill and I didn't want to put anyone out there who I don't know well)! I just think it is so special to see how much support Ann got in particular, but also how many people wanted to help share the word about this disease, which is truly awful. We will be doing it again next year EVERY Tuesday in September, so start stocking up on your teal duds!

And even better, Aunt Ann's CA-125 is 56!!! To put this in perspective, it has been higher than 200 and the "normal" range is 0-35. This could not be more exciting!

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