3 Classic Halloween Costumes that are Underappreciated

by - Thursday, October 16, 2014

If you are a trick or treater coming to our house, these costumes are sure to get more candy out of me. Nothing wrong with the classics.

from themakerista.com
from keltiecolleen.buzznet.com
1. Ghosts- Come on, wouldn't you be kind of thrilled to see someone out in a sheet? I think that would be pretty adorable. If someone wants to step their game up too, who can blame them. I am pretty bored with the zombie thing ("You watch Walking Dead? Me too! You have opinions about things? Me too! You breath air? Me too!"), but I think some solid ghost action would be awesome. It also is one that people can step up, but the old sheet is so happy!

from  kellygorneyphotography.com

from polkadotchair.com
2. Mummies- These are my favorite, and they never get any attention. They are probably the least sexy scary thing, so they really haven't made the same big comeback. But, I like these costumes anyway.
from costume-works.com

from ideas.coolest-homemade-costumes.com
3. Aliens- Mostly, this is in honor of my Dad, whose mother dyed his skin green with food coloring to be an alien (I hope this is right! Jolly Green Giant would also be appropriate), and it lasted for days. But really, a simple Gort costume would make my day.

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